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The transformer needs AC at its input. The battery provides DC.

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Q: Why cant a 18V battery be used as the input of a transformer?
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Why transistor is not used as a transformer?

transistor is switching device - no converting that input vales transformer is converting like step up/down that in voltage values

Will transformer operate if a battery is used for the input voltage across the primary?

Transformers only work on a.c. This is because it's necessary to have a changing primary current in order to induce a voltage into the secondary winding.If you connect a battery across a transformer, it will not work. Furthermore, if the voltage of the battery matches that of the rated primary voltage, the resulting very large d.c. current is likely to overheat the primary windings and even burn it out.

How much energy is used by a transformer?

An efficient transformer will convert more than 99% of the input energy into output energy, therefore wasting less than 1%.

How do you measure the power input and power output for the step-up transformer?

Power input to a transformer = (voltage across the primary winding) x (current through the primary)Power output = (voltage across the secondary winding) x (current through the secondary)It doesn't matter whether the transformer is used in step-up, step-down or simple isolation.

Can you jump a sea doo with a car battery?

NOOO!! you cant, it fried the battery i used to have and the computer in my seadoo!

How input frequency to the transformer influences its physical dimension when using a step down transformer is used using as as a step-up transformer?

In general, the lower the frequency of operation, the more weight must be added to the core laminations to avoid magnetic field saturation. This increases the size and weight of the transformer as the frequency decreases.

What is a voltage transformer and mention its function?

A voltage transformer (known as a 'potential transformer' in North America) is classed as an instrument transformer. It is used to reduce the voltage across a high-voltage load to a value that can be read (usually remotely) by an ordinary a.c. voltmeter, while electrically isolating that voltmeter from the high-voltage system for the purpose of safety. It can also be used to supply an input to a protection relay.

Can a Diode be used on a battery charger?

ya. we are using diode in a battery charger to convert ac into dc. 230v dc is step down by using step down transformer

What is two types of uninterruptible power supplies?

stand by: battery powered circuit is used when AC input fails inline device: battery powered circuit is used continually

How do you test chopper transformer?

A chopper transformer is a kind of transformer used in an switching power supply.The primary input voltage of it is a Direct current (D.C) unlike any other ordinary step down transformer which uses an Alternating Current (A.C).Chopper transformer uses a switching transistor to produce a secondary voltage..

Why ac current is used in a transformer?

AC current or DC current can be used in transformers. A transformer is made of two coils of wire, the input coil induces a current into the output coil. Transformers change the voltage either up (step up transformer) or down (step down transformer). The amount of change in voltage is dependent solely on the number of windings in both coils in the transformer. DC transformers work exactly the same way AC transformers do.

What is current trandformers?

I believe you meant transformer. If so it is a transformer used in high voltage circuits to reduce the current to a safer measurable value. It can be used as a direct input to a metering or protective relay to covert high currents to a lower value. It is used in AC circuits and typically encircles the conductor(s) it is monitoring, then works by using the expanding/ collapsing field which is the theory of induction used in transformer operation. It is the primary side of a "transformer" which only works when there is current flowing through it.