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Q: Why did William Higinbotham invented tennis for two computer game in 1958?
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What program did William Higinbotham invent?

William Higginbotham invented "Tennis for Two." This was the first known interactive computer video game that used graphical displays that required a graphics card.

What was the name of the program that William Higinbotham called?

tennis for two

What is a William Higinbotham invention?

the first video game called tennis for two.

What is the first video game ever?

Tennis for two was the first video game ever created in the 50s

What was William Higinbotham's program that was an interactive diplay for guests at Brookhaven national Laboratory called?

Tennis for 2

William Higinbotham's program was probably the first what?

William Higginbotham is program was the first of the analog computer games. It was also one of the first games that used a graphical display. The game was called Tennis for Two and was created in 1958.

Did William higinbotham have any quotes?

There is no widely known quote attributed to William Higinbotham, who was a physicist and creator of one of the first video games, "Tennis for Two." He is primarily known for his contributions to science rather than for quotes.

In 1958 William Higinbotham wrote a program that was an interactive display for guests at Brookhaven National Laboratory. What was it called?

in 1958,William higinbotham wrote a program that was an interactive display for guests at brook haven national laboratory. what was it called?"Tennis for Two"

What did William a Higinbotham quote?

William Higinbotham is known for saying "The answer is because I have children and they like to play with it." This was in reference to his creation of the first video game, "Tennis for Two," which he developed in 1958 to entertain visitors at the Brookhaven National Laboratory open house.

What program did William higinbotham write that was an interactive display for guests at brookhaven national library?

The first video game which he called "Tennis for Two".

How and who invented video-games?

William Higinbotham. He made a simple game, Tennis for Two on an oscilloscope. It was essentially Pong. Often considered to be the first video game. Read up.

What was Tennis for two and how did it differ from later video games?

yes the first video game was Tennis for Two but many people think it is pong