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Because we all have different sex drives. Just as men have different sex drives.

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Q: Why do some girls like sex more than others?
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Do girls like muscles and how much do they like?

Girls like when guys are toned but not "body-builder" muscular. Some like them more than others.

Why are girls sensitive?

Because girls have a hormone that guys don't have that make them more emotional. Some girls have more of this hormone than others which is why some girls are more sensitive than others.......or the girl is just a drama queen :)

Do skinny boys like overweight girls?

No, some do not. Others, however, do. They realise that the person is more important.

Do guys like girls that outplay them in sports?

Some do, but others are more competitive because they feel threatened.

Why do some girls get there period earlier?

yes some girls develop more than others .

Do boys like girly-girls or a tomboys?

It really depends on the boy. Some like girly-girls while others like the tomboys.

Do boys like girls that are talkative?

It depends on their preference. Some prefer more outgoing girls, while others perfer more shy girls. If they are outgoing themselves they will probably like girls that are also outgoing, or talkative, and vise versa. I dont

Do boys like Asian girls?

It's not a definitive 'yes' or 'no'. Some girls do, some girls don't. Some girls like feminine faces in their men, others like narrower eyes, some like beards, shaven heads, long tongues, piercings, and much more.

Do guys like when girls have 6 packs?

well, it depends. some guys like girls who are more athletic and stocky, while others prefer more delicate, dainty, and girlier girls. it shouldn't matter if you have a six-pack or not; he should like you for YOU, and not for your body.

What do girls like boys to look like?

Different girls prefer different looks in men. Some like clean shaven men, others prefer men with facial hair. Some like muscular men, others prefer their men to be more graceful. Some women don't care about looks at all, they care more for the man's personality.

Do girls like humping while making out?

Yeah some girls do and others dont.

Why girls like pink color?

Girls will be girls. Some people like the pink color, and others think it's fashionable.

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