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Do skinny boys like overweight girls?

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βˆ™ 2010-04-30 13:59:33

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No, some do not.

Others, however, do. They realise that the person is more important.

2010-04-30 13:59:33
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Do boys like skinny girls?

Some boys do, and others might not, but 86% of boys prefer skinny girls.

Why do boys only like skinny girls?

Boys don't. They might pretend they do, but let''s face it, skinny hips hurt. Guys like girls who are confident and glowing (which some skinny girls might be), but they would rather date the radiant overweight girl rather than the mopey cheerleader sitting next to her. Trust me, I've been both, and I know.

Why do boys only like skinny girls even if they're ugly or mean?

Boys only like skinny girls because they think that they are cute and pretty

What size girls do boys like?

skinny but not really skinny and not really muscular either

Do Mexican boys like thin skinny girls or does it depend on the beauty?

both, but everyone is diffent, boys like good girls that are professional.

Do boys prefer skinny or fat girls?

well i cant really say that.. it depends on what the boys is like and what his taste is in girls!

Do Japanese boys like skinny or fat girls?

They like girls with a little meat on them. In Japan, girls with curves are the epitome of kawaii.

What in 7 grade do boys like in girls?

boobies, skinny, nice but,short

Why do boys only like skinny girls with bones sticking out and no curves?

This stereotypes all males. Some boys are attracted to skinny girls because that's what they're attracted to. There are some guys who like curves, trust me.

Why do boys hate fat girls but like skinny ones?

Boys like skinny girls more than fat girls because the fat girl may not be his type/pretty. Boys like to walk with girls and be proud that their girlfriend is skinny and beautiful. They thinks fat girls are ugly and will not be as active as skinny ones. Skinny girls can wear beautiful dresses and skirts. Fat ones cannot wear every clothes. So it is sure that skinny girls will be more pretty than fat ones. Sometimes fat girls aren't as pretty as skinny ones, but sometimes a skinny boy may like a fat girl if she makes him laugh and smile so much he falls for her. even fat girls can be beautiful! :) It's a boy's thing- girls wouldn't understand.

Do boys like skinny or hour glass shapped girls?

I reckon guys like hour glass shapped girls because they have more booty and skinny chicks are just boring

Do boys like curvy or skinny girls?

Depends on where the curves are and on a particular boy's preferences.

Do skinny girls like fat boys?

It really depends on the girl man, some girls are stuck up and only like "fit" guys.

Why do boys like dressing as girls?

When you see boys dressing up like girls. that's the sign that there gay, duh. Or maybe the reason why they wear skinny jeans just like girls wear because maybe there legs are to skinny or maybe they just want to look or feel cool.

Does ray ray like skinny girls or fat girls?

he like skinny girl or kind of big or kind of skinny like me

Can a skinny guy like an overweight girl?


Do guys like really skinny girls?

no they like fat girls dumb head of course they do like skinny girls

Why do boys only like girls that are super-duper skinny?

Not true at all. Boys don't ONLY like super-duper skinny girls. In my opinion, stick girls aren't attractive. Maybe their face might be but that isn't enough. I like my women to have curves. Ya know, nice butt and chest, nice thick smooth legs. Not overweight though, but girls with a little more meat are the most attractive. Don't just take it from me, almost every other guy i know feels the same way.

Do boys like girls who are big but healthy?

Yes, the skinny ones make us feel fat.

Why do boys like skinny girls even if they're ugly instead of a slightly overweight one with a nice personality?

Because they're stupid. As a guy, I could care less how you look as long as I could spend hours with you and not get bored. Looks are an added bonus though, but you can be slightly overweight and still be attractive.

Why do boys like girls who are skinny as sticks?

I don't know but I think it's stupid! Boys out there, please go for girls with at least a little flesh instead of just skin and bone!

Do skinny guys like large girls?

Yes. Skinny guys like all size girls.

Does princeton from mindless behavior like fat girls or skinny girls?

He like girl that can be fat or. Skinny

What do teenage girls like boys to wear?

t shirts and skinny jeans. flipped hair. sk8 shoes.

Who is more attractive curvy girls or skinny girls?

Some guys like skinny girls other guys like fat girls if your gonna say curvy then u have to change the word skinny to thin because curvy girls are fat and thin girls are skinny