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Moulds grow on organic materials because mould is a fungi, which feeds off the chemicals in the food.


Mold grows on organic foods because the food has not been processed. In the proccessing center, they add many cemicals to keep the food fresher, longer. On organic materials, the food does not last as long (which is why not many food companys choose not to proccess they're food) because the bactiria grow to fast, turning to mold. Then the mold grows faster on the bactiria.

so, basicly it is because the organic food has more (healthy) bactiria.


Moulds are saprophytes and are specialised to eat dead organic material. The mould spores are airborne and ubiquitous (everywhere). When the mould spore lands somewhere moist it will germinate and if the growing conditions are favourable (i.e. there is a good food source) they will grow and produce a network of hyphea and fruiting bodies which you can see with the naked eye. They can only grow on organic substances as they require a source of carbohydrate because they cannot photosynthesis and are not chemoautotrophs (i.e. they can't make their own energy source). In summary, they grow on organic material because it is their food source.

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bacteria likes moist, damp and warm places to grow. Mold require moisture t grow. Wet surfaces provide the necessary moisture.

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Q: Why do you think mold grows on wet surfaces?
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Where does mold grow on bread the best a little wet or in the sun?

It grows best when it is a little wet

How does water affect mold growth?

its nasty nd wet and it grows

How can one remove black mold in the bathroom?

Black mold is the most common form of bathroom mold. Black mold grows on porous surfaces that stay damp or get wet several times a day. The most effective way of getting rid of black mold is: - ventilate the room so the porous surfaces become dry - Remove the mold and remove its black color by using a chlorine solution (watch out for your clothes, it bleaches)

What conditions encourages bread mold?

Bread mold grows best in warm and wet areas.

Does mold frow faster on a wet or dry substance?

It grows faster on a wet substance because its spores reproduce.

How air make mold grow more were mold has already been growing?

Mold grows like a mushroom. IT finds a wet place to grow and then grows. But how it spreads is a whole different subject. The mold grows and gets bigger and bigger until the casing on it pops open and any air current tacks it away. the mold just grows there then.

What causes mold to build up inside cars?

Mold grows in wet areas, so if there is mold in a car there may be a leak in the car, or the car may be situated in a very moist area.

Does bread mold faster in damp or dry areas?

Wet will mold faster as the moisture accelerates the growth (especially in a dark environment)

Why does mold form on wet things?

because mold requires moisture to survive

What environment makes mold grow the best?

mold needs moisture, nutrients and a suitable place to grow to conduct. Outdoors, mold can be found on soil, foods, plant matter, and other items. Mold is usally found in wet areas but you should search behind and underneath materials (carpet and pad, wallpaper, vinyl flooring, sink cabinets), furniture, or stored items (especially things placed near outside walls or on cold floors). Sometimes destructive techniques may be needed to inspect and clean enclosed spaces where mold and moisture are hidden; for example, opening up a wall cavity. Hope this helps! -Haley

What is 1 of the 3 conditions for mold?

Mold likes moisture, dampness, wet areas.

Is black mold common in missoula, montana?

According to several articles that I read black mold is fairly common in Montana and also in your area. The main reason for the problem is water and/or water damage. Most people do not propery care for their wood or drywall when they become wet. The most common dangerous mold is black mold and you may find the mold on drywall, carpet, ceiling, and other surfaces. If you think you have a black mold problem contact the Montana Restoration Service at (866) 775-7386. You do not want to let it go untreated as long-term exposure can cause some serious health issues.