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Because there is more water in a bucket than in a cup, and more energy has to be put into the bucket of water than the little cup of water to bring them to the same temperature.

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Q: Why does it take longer to heat a bucket of water than a cup of water?
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What does water take longer o do than land?

Water takes longer to heat up and to cool down then it does for land.

Does the amount of water affect when the water boils?

yes. the more water the longer it would take for the heating element to heat the water. the less water, the less time it would take to heat.

Does it take longer for water to cool or heat up?

It takes longer to cool off, but mostly depending on the temperature.

When you add an object in water why does it take longer to heat up?

because the object needs also to heat up

Who is the original inventor of pulleys?

A farmer who used to take out water bucket by bucket from a deep water well.

Why does it take longer to cook things in sauce than in water?

Because when you are cooking sauce it's thicker then water so it takes longer to heat.

Why would a glass of cold water reach room temperature faster than a bucket of cold water?

It takes less time to cool or heat a galls of water because there is less water. If it was a spoon of water it would take less time than a bucket. It is all about amount.

How do you convert calories to degrees Celsius?

You don't, because they measure different things. Temperature (degrees Celsius) describes how deep the heat is in something, whereas energy (calories) describes how much heat energy you put into it in order to make it that deep. -- I have a bucket of water on the table. -- I take a small cup, I dip a cup of water out of the bucket, and I place the cup on the table next to the bucket. -- The water in the bucket and the water in the cup both have the same temperature. -- I want to make the cup 10 degrees warmer, and I also want to make the bucket 10 degrees warmer. -- I'll need to add more calories of heat to the bucket, and fewer calories of heat to the cup, to raise both temperatures by the same number of degrees.

Why does it take longer for a gallon of water to boil than a pint?

To boil water a quantity of heat must be added to the water. If there is more water it requires more heat be added. The source of heat can only produce so much heat in a given period of time. So it takes it longer to produce the greater amount of heat to boil the greater amount of water.

How long does it take for Walking Fish to hatch from eggs?

anywhere from 14 to 30 days depending on the heat of the water. The colder the water the longer it will take.

Does the amount of water in a container affect how fast it heats up?

The amount of water in a container will affect how fast it heats up. If there is a small amount of water in a container the water will biol/heat faster. However, if there is a big amount of water it will take longer for the heat to reach all parts of the water resulting in a longer time for the water to boil/heat

Why does water take longer to heat up than most liquids?

Water has a high specific heat due to hydrogen bonding. This means water will resist change in temperature and it will take more energy to reach boiling point.

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