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Salt dissolves better in hot water than cold water because the particles in hot water is more dispersed than cold water.

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Q: Why does salt dissolve faster in cold water than sugar dissolves in cold water?
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Does jello dissolve faster in sugar or water?

Jello dissolves faster in sugar not water.

What dissolves faster in water salt or sugar?

sugar dissolve fatser

Whatb dissolves in water faster salt or sugar?

i dk i guess sugar dissolve in water faster.

Do brown sugar or white sugar dissolve faster in cold water?

white sugar dissolves faster

Does sugar dissolve in hot water or cold?

Sugar dissolves in both. However, it dissolves a lot faster in HOT water

Does sugar dissolve faster in cold water or in warm water?

Salt dissolves faster in cold water

Does sugar dissolve faster in milk or water?

Sugar dissolves faster in water, because milk already has sugar Lactose dissolved in in it.

Does suger dissolve faster in cold water or hot water?

Sugar dissolves faster in hot water, because the water molecules move about faster when they are hot so, when you pour in sugar, the water mollecules will collide with the sugar and theredore sugar dissolves faster in hot water.

Why does sugar take less time to dissolve in hot water?

sugar dissolves faster in hot water..not in cold water..

Does water temperature affect the speed at which sugar dissolves?

AnswerYes. The hotter the water, the faster it will dissolve.

Does a sugar cube dissolve faster in water or in coke?

I literally just did a project on this. Water dissolves a sugar cube faster than coke does.

Does sugar dissolve faster in water if theres ice?

No! The warmer the water, the faster the sugar dissolves. Ice cools down the water. This slows the dissolving process.

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