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Because they need to be hoonest about all there work.

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So you won't get fired

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Q: Why is honesty important in a scientist when the results of an experiment go against predictions?
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Why should scientist debate the result of a scientific experiment?

The results go against the thinking of society.

What scientist attitude is especially important when a scientist results go against previous ideas?


When does the scientific community accept the results of a scientific experiment?

after it has been tested against a control group with stats

Why is it important to control variables in a scientific experiment?

It is important to have controlled variables in a scientific experiment because it is the variable that remains the same it doesn't change. Its a consent & can be measured against.

How do scientist test hypothesis?

Scientists test hypotheses using the scientific method. First, there is a question posed about a phenomenon. Then, the hypothesis is created about what the scientist thinks will happen when it is tested. Next, the scientist will create an experiment that will answer the question. With this, the scientist gathers materials and performs the experiment they designed. The experiment should include a control group (one that does not have anything changed), that way you can see the difference between variables. The scientist can only change one variable at a time. As the scientist is conducting the experiment, they should be logging at the results. Once the experiment is done, they should look at the data and see what it proves. Does it prove the hypothesis? Does it go against the hypothesis? Next, scientists generally see how they can apply the results to real life. This goes a little bit beyond your question, but an understanding of the scientific method is important to understanding how hypotheses are tested.

What scientific attitude is especially important when scientist's results go against previous ideas?


What scientific attitude is especially important when a scientist's result go against previous ideas?


What connections between the My Lai Massacre and Milgram's experiments?

In the experiment, a teacher was instructed by a scientist to administer electric shocks to a victim as part of a science experiment. Milgram's experiment showed how an expert or an authority figure can easily coerce humans into doing something which goes against their own judgement. This is exactly what made the My Lai Massacre happen.

What do scientists design to test a hypothesis?

A hypothesis is a tentative explanation for an observation, phenomenon, or scientific problem that can be tested by further investigation. Basically, it's an educated guess to a question. Testing a hypothesis is the only way to prove this statement correct or incorrect. A scientist conducts an experiement, using constants and variables, and draws conclusions against the hypothesis. This will prove it to be true or untrue.

Why is a controlled experiment important to science?

A controlled experiment means that you try to keep all the variables that are involved in the experiment under control apart from the Dependent and the Independent variables to make sure that any results obtained from the experiment have been affected by the independent variable and not some other extraneous variable. It also ensures that the experiment would have high validity. That is, if the experiment has really measured what it was supposed to measure.

How is a control useful in a scientific experiment?

A control experiment provides a benchmark against which to compare the results of the main experiment. For example, to know if heating a material changes its resistance, you must be able to compare the results of the heated experiment to a copy in which the material was left unheated.

How does a sea outter breathes?

sea otters are actually mammals so with lungs against popular belief they do not spend their whle lives in water although a british scientist had a very compelling experiment where he inserted his penis into the mouth of the otter until the animaal suffocated thus proving it has lungs