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It is not accurate. It is very much a "rough-and-ready" approximation.

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A metre stick is accurate enough to measure a metre or 100 centimetres.

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The meter stick measures length. =)

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Q: Why meter stick is accurate for measuring?
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Why you use meter stick?

for measuring

What is a 10 letter word for a measuring stick?

meter stick

Meaning of meter stick?

A meter stick is a stick that is one meter long. It is marked off in centimeters and millimeters, and it is used for measuring things.

Meter stick uses?

Measuring length.

Why is a rule or steel tape more accurate in taking the measurements of any object than a meter stick?

Mainly because the meter stick is thicker and if your eye isn't exactly over the mark you are measuring there will be an error due to parallax. The thinner the measuring device the better result you achieve.

What did the boy measuring stick say to the girl measuring stick?

I want to meter

What did the boy measuring stick say when he saw the girl measuring stick?

nice to meter you, there's trouble a foot

What is about a meter long?

A stick measuring 99.8 cm

What is meters stick?

a meter stick is a device used to mesure with

How can you check your height without a measuring tape?

you can use a yard stick of a meter stick

Can you give example of how can you measuring distance?

with a meter stick or a ruler

What if you was measuring with meters what instrument would you use?

Meter stick