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There is more than one force acting on you, (something besides gravity).

Why would you? The floor is in the way. Only if the floor is weak, such as made of a sheet of paper, the floor would let you through.

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Because we're luckily not heavy enough, but we're getting there. Especially in America.

A less humorous answer, based on physics:

This apparently simple question can only be answered properly by profound scientific ideas.

We know that atoms are mainly empty space so why don't people fall through the floor?

1) It is sometimes said to be the result the mutual repulsion of the outer electrons in the atoms of the person and the floor. There's more to it than that.

2) The Pauli Exclusion Principle prevents the "bunching up" of electrons

within atoms. You need to know about "quantum theory" to understand that.

This is the main reason people don't fall through floors.

3) Another part of quantum theory is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

One result of this is that there are limits to the possible positions where the electrons can be found within an atom. Electrons are "forbidden" from being in the nucleus, for example.

To sum up, in ordinary language, electrons behave as though they like to keep themselves apart. That gives you an idea of why a floor and a person seem like solid objects not empty space.

Incidentally, in astronomy there are examples where these ideas need modification.

White dwarf stars, neutron stars and black holes are objects in which matter is extremely compressed.

More details: There's something else that's important too and that is the

structural strength of the thing you are trying to stand on. For example

it's easy to fall through thin paper or water.

The strength of materials depends on chemical bonds at the atomic level.

These are the result of the distribution of electrons. Basically it's electrical forces

that cause the bonds.

So, I think the full answer is: It is because chemical bonding combined with the details of atomic structure, in particular the Pauli Exclusion Principle.

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The reason you do not fall through the floor is you are not heavy enough when you stand on the floor it will bend but so minisucly you can not measure it the reason you do not fall through is the floor converts the weight from you standing on it and pushes back up to try and return to its original state. The only way you could fall through the floor is if you were heavy enough to bend the floor more then it can push back

or friction (this was done by Aziz KickBack)

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because the gravational pull is so strong that its not possible to fall off the earth.

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because of gravity and the force

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Q: Why people don't fall through the floor when they stand up?
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