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Lightwater's population is 6,691.

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Q: What is the population of Lightwater?
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What is the area of Lightwater Valley?

The area of Lightwater Valley is 708,199.87392 square meters.

Do you pay for righs at lightwater valley?

If your off with a school it is free@

How tall is the ultimate at lightwater valley?

2cm really hyhfnd

How much are pictures at lightwater valley?

£5 odd for a key ring its bad priced

Where is the longest roller coaster in England?

The longest Rollercoaster in England is the Ultimate at Lightwater Valley

What is the longest roller coaster in Europe?

its The Ultimate at lightwater valley in west yorkshire in england

When did Baynham Honri die?

Baynham Honri died on February 10, 1987, in Lightwater, Surrey, England, UK.

Is lightwater valley a zoo?

No. It's a little theme park with a range of rides. Slow teacups to the upside down, spinning whirlwind! It has no animals there!

Is there any water rides at lightwater valley?

Yes there is 2 rides. One called falls of terror and second one is called wild water raps

What is Europe's longest roller coaster?

the Ultimate at lightwater valley in ripon (noth Yorkshire) is currently europes longest rollercoaster and so it has been the same for the past 10 years

Why did the toad in the hole ride at lightwater valley close?

The water you landed in at the end was dangerous and contains bacteria and could cause series illness. It shut due to health and safety reasons.

Where is the roller coaster called 'The Ultimate' located?

The roller coaster The Ultimate is located at the Lightwater Valley Amusement Park, in Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK. It is the second longest roller coaster in the world.

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