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The driving distance from Lucknow, India to Jaipur, India is: 368 miles / 592 km

The Road Distance Between Lucknow to Jaipur is 600 Kilometre and the expected travel time between Lucknow and Jaipur is 10 to 11 hours.

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122 miles by road.

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147.3 miles by road.

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Q: What is the road distance between Jaipur and Agra?
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What is the distance between Delhi and Agra?

About 203Km/ 127 miles. 3-4 hours using train.The Road Distance Between Delhi to Agra is 210 Km by road, the travel time from Delhi to Agra is 3 hour. Today we have two driving direction : 1 : Delhi, Badarpur, Hodal, Palwal, Koshi, Vrindavan, Mathura, Agra and2 : Delhi , Noida, Yamuna Expressway Agra.Second option is best for by road from Delhi to Agra.Source :

What distance between agra and shimla?

By road it is 583kms.

What is the road mile distance between mathura vrindavan and jaipur?

The driving distance from Mathura Vrindavan, India to Jaipur, India is 144 road miles.

What is the exact distance between Jodhpur and Delhi?

250 kms... AnkThe Road Distance Between Delhi to Jaipur is 268 Kilometre and journey time 4 hour and 30 minute. Reach Jaipur from Delhi via NH-8 for more road info and distance between cities visit : roaddistance[dot]in its very helpful for distance calculation.

Distance between Delhi and Agra by road?

By road it's 215 km, approximately 2 hours 38 minutes driving time. It's about 203 km /127 miles 3-4 hours using train. The Road Distance Between Delhi and Agra is 210 Kilometre by road. The expected travel time 3 hour. Take Yamuna Express way to avoid traffic. For more info visit :

Road map from delhi to mehandipur balaji by car?

Travelling by road from Delhi to Mehandipur Balaji by Car..Dhaula kuanGurgaonDharuheraTizaraKishangarhAlwarBandikuiSikandra at jaipur agra roadand MehndipurStart from Delhi towards Gurgaon, NH 8,Turn towards Dharuheda, Bhiwadi and reach Alwar.Go Straight towards Bandikui more (Do not enter cityroad, it is 3 KMS from main road) and reach Jaipur-Agra Highway Express Highway.Take left turn towards Agra and after 30 KMS you will reach Mehandipur Balaji.Total distance from Dhaula Kuan is 250 KMS.

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