What two rivers border Iowa?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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One of the three rivers that border Iowa is the Mississippi. The other two rivers that border the state are the Missouri river, and the Big Sioux river.

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The Mississippi River borders Iowa on the east and the Missouri river is its border on the west.

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Q: What two rivers border Iowa?
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What 5 rivers border Iowa?

Mississippi river,

What states border both the Mississippi and Missouri rivers?

Iowa and Missouri.

Which rivers border Iowa?

The Mississippi River forms Iowa's eastern border, the Missouri forms the western border with Nebraska while the Big Sioux river forms the border with South Dakota.

Which state has Big Sioux Missouri Mississippi and Des moines rivers?

Those rivers all border Iowa.

What US state has rivers as borders on two sides?

There are many states that have rivers on multiple sides, but only Iowa has river borders that go the entire length of two opposing sides. Iowa's Eastern border is the Mississippi River. The western border is the Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers. Illinois has the Mississippi river to its west, the Ohio River to the south and the Wabash River forms Illinois southeastern border. Kentucky has the Ohio River forming the entire northern border. The Mississippi on the west and the Tug Fork and Big Sandy Rivers on the Eastern border. Minnesota has the Red River forming about half of its western border. The Eastern border is formed mostly by the St. Croix and Mississippi rivers

Are there any rivers between Iowa and Wisconsin?

The Mississippi River runs along their border.

What two rivers border Mesopotamyia?

the tigris and euphrates rivers border mesopotamia

What two rivers that don't border Illinois?

The Illinois River and the Chicago River are two rivers that don't border Illinois.

Which two rivers border KY?

Ohio and Mississippi Rivers

What rivers are in iowa?

23 rivers are in Iowa

How did Iowa get its shape?

On iowa western border the missouri river helped shape western border and on the eastern border mississippi river shapes eastern border of iowa mostly the rivers helped shape iowa because it was surrounded by water. The northern border with Minnesota it was given a random state line because minnestoa wasnt a state yet so they quickly had to do that to make sure iowa had northern border. On the southern border with missouri(state) there was problems because of the state line because of improper surveying so it caused iowa and missouri to go to war and have surveyors resurvey the the border.

What rivers create Iowa's borders?

The Mississippi forms the entire east border of Iowa. The Des Moines river forms a small part of the south border. The Missouri River forms most of the west border, The north portion of the west border is the Big Sioux River.