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The third one on the list does.

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Which of these measures distances east or west on a map

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Lines of longitude

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Q: Which of these measures distances east or west on a map?
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What are the lines on a map that measure distances east and west?

Longitude lines.

What does longitude on a map measures?

The distance east or west of the Prime Meridian.

What measures distance on a map?

The SCALE of the map indicates the relationship between distances measured on a map and the actual distances.

Lines on a map that shows distances east or west of the prime meridian?

The meridians of constant longitude mark angles east or west of the Prime Meridian. Distances can't be estimated with only that information.

What lines measures distance east and west of the prime meridian?

Longitude lines. They are also called meridians.

What is the difference between a latitude-longitude map and a military grid reference system map?

Latitude measures the distance from East to West. Longitude measures the distance from North to South. As for Military Grid, it shows a location/object on the map and, what Latitude and Longitude line that location/object is on.

Is California East or West of Arizona?

California is West of Arizona. When picturing a map that has North at the top, you can remember the directions of west and east by remembering they spell "We." West is to the left, and East is to the right.

What are the four directions on the map?

North, south, east and west

How are distances measured on a map?

East and west distances can be measured using longitude lines, imaginary lines that connect the Earth's poles. The distance between any two longitudes is the greatest at the equator, and zero at the poles.

What are the lines running east and west on a map?


What is a direction on a map?

North East South West

Directions on a map?

North West. East South