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The following is a list of individuals who have publicly been preserved through cryonics. Many others have been cryogenically frozen; however, medical privacy concerns keep most of their names private.

• James Bedford, the first person to be cryogenically preserved.

• Dick Clair, a TV producer/writer/actor diagnosed with AIDS in 1986. He was involved in Roe v. Michell, which established the right of persons to be cryogenically preserved in California.

• Thomas K. Donaldson, founder of the Cryonics Association of Australia and the Institute for Neural Cryobiology.

• FM-2030 (Fereidoun M. Esfandiary), an Iranian writer who died of pancreatic cancer in 2000. He was the first person to be preserved using vitrification rather than traditional methods.

• Curtis Henderson, a prominent member of several cyronics societies.

• Dora Kent, mother of Saul Kent, a board member of Alcor Life Extension Foundation. Her head was removed and preserved after her death in 1987. She was also the center of a legal battle regarding the circumstances of her death.

• Jeff Leaf, Vice President of Alcor Life Extension Foundation and President of Cryovita. He was preserved after a heart attack in 1991.

• Ted Williams, left fielder for the Boston Red Sox. Williams was frozen after his death in accordance with a "family pact" between two of his children. This sparked a legal battle with his oldest daughter, who believed it was her father's wish to be cremated (as stated in his will).

• John Henry Williams, son of Ted Williams. He was frozen in 2003 following his sudden death from leukemia, fulfilling the pact with his father.

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Q: Who has cryogenically frozen themselves?
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