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because of hormones and swelling or cysts.

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2008-06-16 18:46:35
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Q: Why do you feel stiffness in your breast before periods?
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How does the cartilage feel?

rubbery/plastic, feel the end of a chickens breast-bone before it goes in the oven. That is cartilage.

Why there is stiffness of joints after fracture?

A person that has a fracture will usually have a cast for a few weeks. After the cast is taken off, the joints will feel stiff. This is because the muscles have not been moving as much as they did before the fracture. With therapy, the stiffness will go away.

Are breast feels tight?

your breast feel tight how tight can i feel them

What are the dangerous of breast feeding before and after breast augmentation?

Some risks involved in breast feeding with implants are the nipple may not be the same shape as it was prior to surgery. The feel and shape of the breast may change after breast augmentation surgery as well.

You are only 14 but there is a spot in your breast that is really bothering you especially when you put pressure on it and you think you feel a lump but you are not sure could you have breast cancer?

Breast cancer is almost always NOT painful, which is one reason so many women can have it for years before being diagnosed with it. Since you are so young, the chances are it is due to puberty and fluctuating hormones. Your symptoms are common for girls to have just before they have their periods. But if you are concerned, you need to see your doctor for peace of mind.

How can you tell your breast are growing?

you will feel a small lump in the middle of your breast

Why feel pain after long walk or running?

You feel stiffness after over-exertion. This is caused by increased amount of lactic acid in your muscles.

Is the milk comes from a single hole in a breast?

No there are glands in the breast and your horomones start the production of the milk if you feel your breast they may feel knotty that's the swollen glands.

It can soft virgin's breast if the girl feel herself?

breast r yummy

When is the best time to do breast exams?

After your period, since some women get breast tenderness and engorgement before their menses. Also best to do it in the shower, warm soapy water helps you feel what is inside.

Do you feel your first period?

Technically you do not "feel" your period. You may expirence cramps and aches before and after your periods. During the situation you will not feel anything but you may smell blood and your underware may be a little bit moist.

Why do breasts feel tender before menstrating?

Breasts can feel tender or swell before menstruation due to the effect of hormones on the ducts of the breasts. Don't ignore the problem, regulating your hormones can help prevent symptoms such as breast tenderness.

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