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He made a short story that revolutionized the world.

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Q: How did Thomas Malthus influence the world--Why was Thomas Malthus an important scientist?
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How is Thomas Malthus important to economics?

He was a scientist who explained the malthusian theory

What scientist contributed theory through the study of populations and survival?


Scientist whos ideas about evolution were the same as darwins?

scientist whose ideas about evolution were the same as Darwin's- Wallace geologist who influenced Darwin- Lyell geologist who influenced Darwin- Hutton scientist whose ideas about evolution and adaptation influenced Darwin- Lamarck economist whose ideas about human population influenced Darwin-Malthus

What scientist contributed to evolutionary theory theory through the study of populations and survival?


What scientist and researchers influence Charles Darwin?

Some scientists and researchers who influenced Charles Darwin include Thomas Malthus, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, and John Gould. Malthus's theories on population dynamics and resources helped shape Darwin's ideas on natural selection. Lamarck's proposal of the inheritance of acquired traits also impacted Darwin's thinking. John Gould's work on the Galapagos finches provided Darwin with important evidence for his theory of evolution.

Who was the 19th century clergyman who wrote about population and hunger?

Thomas Malthus (1766-1834). His influence on SocialDarwinism was immense.

Who proposed the idea that the human population grows faster than the food supply?

Thomas Malthus is the person who made the prediction that the human population would grow quicker than the resources required to sustain it. Malthus was an English scholar. Which is called Malthus' Principle

Who was the first scientist to sound the alarm about the growth of the human population?

Thomas Malthus, an English economist and demographer, is often credited as being one of the first scientists to raise concerns about the exponential growth of the human population. In his essay published in 1798, Malthus argued that population growth would outstrip the resources available to sustain it, leading to widespread famine and suffering if left unchecked.

What scientist proposed that conditions such as war disease or lack of food play a role in limiting population growth?

Thomas Malthus, an English economist and demographer, proposed in his work "An Essay on the Principle of Population" that population growth is limited by factors such as war, disease, and lack of food. He argued that when these limiting factors are present, they can prevent population from exceeding available resources.

What scientist reasoned that if the human population continued to grow unchecked sooner or later there would be insufficent living space and food for everyone?

You could find that answer going to Science Magazine), January Edition 2008, Fieldwork, The Gatherers. page 60 to 66 and 91.

What is post malthus theory?

The Malthus theory was developed by Robert Thomas Malthus. Malthus used mathematical means to suggests that over a period of time, the earthâ??s population would come to overpower the resources that will be left in the world.

Who published an essay on the principle of population?

thomas r. malthus