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Q: What is the name that is given to a flea market in Australia?
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Name something that ends with the word market?

Supermarket Flea Market Farmer's market Meat market Stock Market

Where did flea markets get their name?

It originated in France...there were the outdoor markets full of used furniture, clothing, household items and such and then there were the fleas (in the stuff) so it eventually was dubbed a "flea market". Hope this helped!

How can i contact warren buffet personally?

Hello. I know his wife from back in the flea market day. my name is Georgia. She should remember me.Bacck at becky Radial Flea Market.

What is another name for flea market?

Flea markets and swap meets in the United States are called just that. In the UK they are often called boot sales. (The trunk of a car is called a boot in the UK.) Flea markets and swap meets are businesses, and just like any other type of business they have their own business names, such as Mile High Flea Market or Rose Bowl Flea Market. If you are searching for a certain flea market and you know the state it is located in, you might have luck doing a Google or Yahoo search. Type flea market, followed by the state, in the search window and take your pick of the many websites that come up full of details about the flea markets and swap meets in that particular state. I make thousands of dollars each and every month selling at flea markets and swap meets and always get paid in cash. For a great flea market directory with map and directions and all their info visit

What is the flea common name?

a flea

In Australia what name is given to a wild horse?

In Australia, a wild horse is known as a brumby.

What is the name given to the largest desert in Australia?

The largest desert in Australia is the Great Victoria Desert.

What is the name given to a large farm in Australia?

Its called stations

What name given to the Queen's Representative in Australia?


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What name is given collectively to Australia New Zealand and surrounding islands?

The name given collectively to Australia, New Zealand and surrounding islands is Oceania. It is not considered a continent but instead is a region or the world.

What is the name given to Australia and New Zealand?

"Australasia" combines NZ, Australia and some Pacific Islands.