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In Australia, a wild horse is known as a brumby.

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What name does wild horse have in Australia?

A Brumby or broom-tail

In Australia what is a wild horse called?

There is a breed of wild pony- the only wild horse breed in Australia- called a Brumby.

Where did brumby horses get their name?

The term brumbyrefers to a wild horse in Australia.

What is another name for a wild horse besides mustang and feral?

I don't approve of the name 'feral' but another name is Brumby, the wild horses of Australia.

What is the name for wild horses descended from run away stock in Australia?

The name of this type of horse is called a 'Brumby'.

In Australia what do you call a wild horse?


Name every kind of horse on petz horse club?

Simple : They are all mustangs. (a mustang : A name given to all wild horses but is actually a breed of its own)

Where was the Equus horse found?

The wild but rare Equus horse can be found in the grassland of Australia.

What is the name of the only true wild horse left?

The only true wild horse is the Przewalski's horse.

What is the Spanish name for a horse Mustang?

Wild Horse

What is the name for an unbroken horse?

Green or wild horse.

What is the sientific name of horse?

Equus ferus - Wild Horse

What is the other name for the Mongolian Wild Horse?

Prewalski's horse.

What do you call a wild horse?

Wild horses are called different things all over the world. In America they are sometimes called mustangs. In Australia they are called a brumby. Another name is cayuse.

The only truly wild horse at least until it became extinct in the wild Przewalski's horse is known by what name in honor of its former home?

MONGOLIA also known as the Asian Wild Horse or Mongolian Wild Horse, or Takhi

Where do horses run wild?

There is only one true remaining wild horse, the Asiatic Wild horse which roams the Steppe lands of Russia/Asia. There are however many 'feral' horses running lose in America, such as the Mustangs, Banker horses, Sable Island horse and the Chincoteague pony to name a few. There is also the Brumby in Australia.

What is the scientific name for a wild horse?

The Scientific name is a boosy

What is the scientific name of a wild horse?

There is no scientific name for a wild horse, there are only horse breeds. Some breeds only or mostly exist as wild horses such as the Przewalski Horse of Mongolia. In the United States, Chincoteague Ponies of Virginia are also a mosty wild breed although some have been domesticated.

What is another name for a wild horse?

They are also called a mustang or a feral horse.

What was the horse in the Wild Wild West TV series?

"Superstar" was the real name of the black horse that James West rode in the 1960s TV series The Wild Wild West .

What type of animal is a wild horse?

The wild horse is well...a horse, but a horse that lives in the wild.

What is the name of a car which is the name of a latin American wild horse?


Name of small wild US horse?


What is the name of a small horse that runs in the wild?


What is the name of Wild Bill Hickok horse?