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What was the most important form of literature during the golden age of Greece


What is the abbreviation for radium

The chemical symbol of radium (the term abbreviation is not correct) is Ra.

Which person disappeared after the murder of sir danvers carew

mr hyde

Atmospheric condensation liquid AND a small fluid unit


Literature from which of these cultures is the oldest and most influential national literature in the western world


A plot of ground prepared for plants AND a partitioned part inside a building



A piece of furniture with legs and a flat top AND a shallow-bowled eating utensil with a handle


What term best describes Dr Jekyll's mental state as he wrote the letter

agitated <-- Correct Answer

What is the prepositional phrase in this sentence The class found six newly hatched chicks inside the incubator

The prepositional phrase is "inside the incubator" and functions as an adverb.

What is the independent clause of this phrase dad has a secret fishing spot where he catches the most fish

Dad has a secret fishing spot

Correctly retype this word group using abbreviations if possible Fred junior

Fred Jr.

Georgia's story in the school paper caused changes in the study hall procedures

adjective phrase (a+)

What is the independent clause in Whenever there is a bluegrass festival Dad goes and takes along his banjo

"Dad goes and takes along his banjo" is the independent clause.

Yesterday you went to the mall Is the verb transitive or intransitive

The only verb in the sentence, "Yesterday you went to the mall", is intransitive. (The verb is "went".)

What is the subordinate clause to the guinea hens tat my neighbor raises are better than watchdogs

The guinea hens ,that my neighbor raises, are better that watchdogs.

What classifies the capitalized words in this sentencethe purpose of the apollo project was to find a way to the moon and back

Adjective phrase classifies the capitalized words in this sentence 'The purpose of the Apollo project was to find a way to the moon and back.'

What is the anology cab is to vehicle as wasp is to what


What is the verb phrase in the following sentence He has always thought about his future

In the sentence, "he has always thought about his future" the verb phrase is "has always thought".

What are the abbreviations for Wyoming

WY is the postal abbreviation for Wyoming. Wyo. is another abbreviation for Wyoming.

Which group lists all proper nouns in this sentence Snow White found a small house in the forest and discovered that seven tiny men lived there: Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Bashful, Dopey, Grumpy, and Sleepy.

snow white,doc,happy,sneezy,bashful,dopey,grumpy,and sleepy

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