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The risk behaviors that cause the most serious health problems today include

Alcohol, drug, and tobacco use. And/or sexual activity and behaviors that cause injuries

Why is it important to keep your health triangle balanced

It is important to keep your health triangle balanced. This is because when you do too much of one thing, you are unhealthy and/or stressed and this will keep you from making good choices. If you are not doing one thing, then it affects your other parts of health.

Which benefit does a community experience when its members have a high level of health literacy

a. people are less likely to struggle with health problems

What protects the body from foreign substances and cells

Immune System=Apex Health

Which of the following is an example of a health-promoting behavior

Getting a full night's sleep

A man who maintains a healthy weight by eating a balanced diet is affecting his health in which way

By decreasing his risk of suffering from high blood pressure

Is the process by which biological parents pass traits such as hair type or eye color to their children. These traits may affect their well-being and health


Which statement best describes the relationship between self-discipline and health

self discipline helps people avoid risk behaviors that can damage their health

Which of the following is an example of a risk behavior

Chewing tobacco

You talk about your ideas and feelings and listen to others explain theirs what type of heath skill are desceibed in this statement

no mames its not stress. For apex its communication skills

True or false a person who exercises self decipline is taking a step toward improving his or heath

Most likely. Self-discipline is necessary for almost any endeavor you would choose to do.

Good mental and emotional health can be maintained by controlling one's .


In order to maintain wellness the parts of the health triangle always need to be and . Select two responses

In balance and working together

What type of health skills are described in this statement

Stress management skills

What is made up of glands found throughout the body that release hormones into the bloodstream

endocrine system

Was Kirk franklins the reason why we sing was a complete commercial failure

No, it was not a complete commercial failure.

What health consequence is most likely to result from alcohol abuse

Liver Damage

Which are not healthy ways of managing stress, select two answersA. Using illegal drugs B. Eating healthy C. Emotional eating D. Being active

A and C

true or false: a person who practices delayed gratification is taking a step toward improving his or her health

heres what it looks like

Which of these most directly impacts a person's physical health

(Apex) Exercise.

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