African-American History

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What is xenophobia

Fear of foreigners. If Apex says different they are wrong as is often the case.

Ninteenth amendment passed in what year


What was the Black Star Line

shipping company ~apex

Who was the first Black Heavyweight boxing champion of the world

Jack Jonhson became the first African American boxing champion in 1908

Which pioneer campaigned to make birth control available to women

Margaret Sanger campaigned for better access to birth control.

What event led to increased racial tension in 1915

the release of the film birth of a nation

What did the new american middle class create

A market for mass-produced goods

What was a result of the new immigration law passed in 1924

Immigration was determined by quotas.

How did many Whites respond to Jack Johnson's victories as a fighter

All of the above

How did the film The Birth of a Nation portray the Ku Klux Klan

The film portrayed the KKK as heroes.

What was true about the Red Summer of 1919

Racial violence and riots occurred in cities across America.

Which leading African American helped to found the NAACP

W. E. B. Du Bois

Which man was the leader of the Federal Bureau of Investigation during the Palmer raids

J. Edgar Hoover

What or who was on trial in the Monkey trial

John Scopes for teaching evolution

What group besides African Americans suffered from Ku Klux Klan attacks


What was the most common destination for African American migrants between 1910 and 1930

Northern cities

What problems did US soldiers face in World War 1

I assume you are talking about african american returning soldiers. Jim crow laws and wage discrimination

Racial violence and segregation

Lynching and Klan violenceolence and segregation

If not then

trying to be killed by germans

What was true of the Bisbee Deportation

Mexican Americans were targeted.

What resulted from the popularity of the film The Birth of the Nation

They were inspired to form a new Ku Klux Klan.

The fear of foreigners during the 1920s was part of the return to


What did anne ohare mccormick and Amelia Earhart have in common

They both excelled in male-dominated professions

Ideas of sharing wealth known as were new in the US in the early 1900s.


The purpose of the UNIA was to

Promote African American pride

In the 1920s the actions that Americans took as a result of their xenophobia were a large part of the return to


People argued against the sedition act because

Limited free speech

Why did African American population of Detroit grew rapidly as African Americans

They migrated to factory work in automobile manufacturing

Which of the following helped create the second Ku Klux Klan

The film The Birth of a Nation - Apex

which characteristics best describe aaron douglass's painting, song of the towers

A northern city

Which is true of Pullman porters in the 1920s

Pullman porters needed a union because they were not treated well.

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