Computer Networking

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What are advantages of Database Approach
Advantages of the Database Approach
    • If a system failure occurs it is vital that no data is lost.
What is a network that covers a large geographical area such as a city country or world

City networks are commonly known as WAN's, or Wide Area Network's.

What is the worlds largest wan

The Internet.

What is a network server

A server is a combination of hardware and software that provides services to a group (network) of computers.

A network controls access to the hardware software and other resources on the network and provides a centralized storage area for programs data and information


Server controls access to the hardware, software, and the other resources on the network and provides a centralized storage area for program, data, and information.

What is peer-to-peer file sharing

Peer-to-peer sharing uses a peer-to-peer network. File sharing allows users to access media files such as books, music, movies, and games using special software to search for others connected to the network.

What contains data about each file in the database and each field within those files

table of contexts


The correct answer is Data Dictionary

What DBMSs will run only on a server or mainframe


Computer communications describes a process in which two or more computers or devices transfer what

Data, information, and instructions.

What can automaticaly detect and deny network access to a host whose traffic patterns appear suspicious

IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)- A dedicated device or software running on a host that automatically reacts to any unauthorized attempt to access an organization's secured resources on a network or host. IPS is often combined with IDS, however IDS do not automatically make changes to block or overt traffic.

When a computer connects to a network such as the one in the accompanying figure what is it


What network consists of a single central cable to which all computers and other devices connect

bus network

Is a wireless network that provides Internet connections to mobile computers and other devices


What type of day would clothes dry fastest hanging on a line

A warm, sunny day.

What refers separately to the capability of sending video clips

Video Posting

What does a DBMS log registry contain

"log" rigestary of DBMS contains

What users type and send short text messages on a smart phone or mobile device

god knows

What communications is a transmission media on which data instructions or information travel

Communication channel

what Is a collection of computers and devices connected together via communications media and devices such as cables telephone lines modems or other means

That's a network.

What are some examples of P2P networking software

BitTorrent, FrostWire (uses the Gnutella network as well as BitTorrent magnet links), (formerly) LimeWire and Kazaa.

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