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Which economic system calls for a maximum of private ownership

Classical capitalism

Which country was the first to claim territory in the New World


This social science is concerned with how culture has been passed on from generation to generation while people adapt to changes in environment technology or social change


This civilization emerged as a strong city-state between 250 BC and 99 BC


Of these nations which remained neutral during World War 2

spain, turkey,sweden

About when were the plow wheel and bronze writing created

4000 bc

The grain treasure and slaves that were captured during wars caused economic problems in the capital of this country


At the end of the nineteenth century there were many notable advances in chemical manufacturing which led to the development of new products


In England during the seventeenth century the first real push to develop new technology was in this field

the textile industry

In which century did the economy of Europe sink into a deep depression

14 century

The farming practices of prehistoric people led to which of these

All of these!!!

In this type of economy all members of the family are involved in the production of food


What type of economy is it where all economic decisions are based on age-old customs

A traditional economy is where all economic decisions are based on age-old customs.

This social science is concerned with how people have organized the rules regulation and laws of societies

political science

Around 1000 AD the characteristic until of settlement in northwestern Europe was which of these


Has anyone ever drowned a dog

yes. people used to drown puppies that were sick and old dogs.

What is the gerund phrase in Swimming in the ocean requires a great deal of strength

swimming in the ocean. (gerund is swimming) A gerund ends in -ing, and ususally is at the beginning of a sentence

What is the function of the gerund phrase in this sentence the recipe for cooking macaroni and cheese is simple
Type the gerund phrase in this sentence Floating down the river on a raft was not Joel's idea of fun

'Floating' is the gerund. Therefore the gerund phrase is 'Floating down the river on a raft'.

How is the infinitive phrase used in this sentence Scott wants to buy a new car

direct object

What is the function of the gerund phrase in this sentence Laughing is good for a person

It functions as a subject of the sentence.

What changes need to be made to this sentence Marcella thinks it's childish to wave at the engineer of a train but she does it anyway

train, but

What a welcome sight the robins are for they announce the arrival of spring


Is economics controlled by wants

economic is depended on demand and supply.

What year did World War I and 2 begin

World War 1 started in 1914 and World War 2 in 1939

Which phrase is the complete infinitive phrase in the sentence

Lisa wants to go quickly.

The basic problems of scarcity and allocation of limited resources are solved by production for use or need rather than production for profit.

Socialism (A+)

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