Transportation and Logistics

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What is inbound logistics

Inbound logistics is the management of goods and materials which are arriving at your business premises. It is the opposite of outbound (or 'despatch') logistics. For example, in a tomato canning plant, inbound logistics is concerned with the receipt and storage of empty cans and raw tomatoes, which arrive separately. Outbound logistics is concerned with the storage of canned tomatoes (the finished product) and despatch to customers.

What is supply chain management

Supply Management is a well-designed and well-coordinated business that large companies use to plan, execute, and monitor every internal and external occupation that goes in their service. Not every company is run in such a orderly manner; only the large ones.

What is supply chain engineering

Supply Chain Engineering is to make and execute supply chain processes.


To make a schematic plan from supplier's supplier to the customer's customer and manage / execute the plan.

What is a balanced scorecard

A balanced scorecard is used by managers to describe their vision/goals to the company.

What is meant by 'supply chain management'

Supply chain management deals with the logistics of the manufacturing and the delivery of a product. It also includes production and delivery of a service to the consumer and final recycling of disposable packaging material or the good after its valuable use.

supply chain managment is the managment of network of interconnected business involve to ultimate provision of product , services and packages to en consumers is called supply chain managemnt

Mis life cycle

MIS cycle ?

Purchasing system of aristocrat restaurant

draw a process map of a pizza company's purchasing system

Difference between 3pl and 4pl logistics

The difference between a 3pl (third party logistics) firm and 4pl (fourth party logistics) company is the access to resources. The 3pl company will be the traditional integrated company that provides logistics such as shipping firms, warehousing, and data management. The 4pl company will take all those services and go one step further by developing methods, computer systems, and concepts brought to function via all the same resources that a 3pl provides.

What is e-retailing

It is simply "retailing online", a form of e-commerce.

Is logistic a part of supply chain management or supply chain is the part of logistic

logistics is a part of supply Chain Management

Similarities between manufacturing and service organization

Manufacturing and service organization share many commonalities such as Procurement decision, supply chain management coordination, presence of Bullwhip effect, potential of errors in delivery process, Causes of bullwhip effect .

Is logistics is the part of supply chain management or supply chain management is the part of logistics

supply chain management is part of logistics

What is the difference between the exponential and logistic models of population growth

A logistic model is usually S-shaped.

Traditional procurement and e-Procurement

Challenges traditional procurement

A project centered approach to procurement must be used to ensure the timely availability of material and equipment at the site


What is a sentence using the word agile

sleek and agile as a gymnast

What does ar scor mean in Irish

"ar scor" means "retired"

What are the characteristics of a TPS

what are the characteristics of tps

What is the difference between retailing and merchandising

what is the diference between merchandising and retailing

What are the Prospects and challenges of globalization in Tanzania

challenge of globalization

Rdif in ObamaCare

No, this is a myth. If you are referring to computer chips or the requirement that people be tracked because of the health care law, this is completely false. There is no requirement for people to receive computer chips, nor does the bill contain any requirements for radio-frequency IDs. I enclose a link to the bill so you can see for yourself.

Logistical is relating to the philosophical attempt to what

Logistical is relating to the philosophical attempt to lessen mathematics to logic. Logistical pertains to logistic. The origin of logistical is 1930 to 1935.

What companies offer supply chain logistics management

The supply chain logistics management industry is a growing industry these days. The most popular companies in this field are Deloitte and SCL Canada.

What is the sense of the software supply chain

Supply chain management software refers to a range of software tools that are used to execute supply chain transactions and manage supplier relationships. A real-time supply chain software can sense new changes as they occur.

When was Goldfarb LLP created

Goldfarb LLP was created in 2010.

Revenue system of allawuddin khillim

Revenue system of alauddin khilji is based on the number of revenue and taxation measures.