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Different committee sports planning program

Many schools have a sports committee planning program. Some different ideas that they come up with can be fundraiser events, game nights, tailgating parties, and dances.

Sentence using faux pas

i alway make faux pas in my h.w.haha

Sentence with the word non sequitur

That he would not be a good mayor because he cant control his own family is a non sequitur, "said John.

Beyond one's legal authority

ultra vires

When was the civil war in America


Where would you see PAR AVION

'par avion' is a printed, stamped, or written notice that you find on envelopes when the mail is supposed to go overseas by air mail; it means: 'by plane'.

Which best describes the Harlem Renaissance
Which latin phrase means peace be with you in English

pax tecum (singular "you")

pax vobiscum (plural "you")

What percentage of voters in the US are liberal and what percentage are conservative

Charles Krauthammer said on Inside Washington that 22% of US voters are Liberal and twice that are Conservative

What is qui va la'

"qui va là ?" means "who's going there?" This was standard formula in the military for the soldiers during their watch, to ask an oncoming person to give his name.

What was the name of the world organization before UN

Though not exactly the same the League of Nations was a precursor to the UN.

V-shaped contour lines pointing uphill indicate a

A Valley

What is the Latin word for Christ in us

Christus inter nos is "Christ among us". Christ in us would be Christus in nobis

Four basic influences on Personality Development
  • Interaction with environment
  • prenatal care
  • environment
  • attachment
How much salt in a slice of cheese pizza

In one slice of pizza there is between 500 and 800 mg.

What hits harder football or lacrosse


How to reconcile with someone who you have offended badly the previous time

You have to apologize, say I'm sorry ________(whoever's name) I know I have say some rude things and that hurt you, but I hope you can forgive me, I understand if you can't but I hope you can. I won't say those rude things again. Sorry.

What is always prepared in latin

Semper paratus.

What literary and cultural movement that began due to the terrible destruction and horrors of world war 1


How do you answer bone pour vous in French

"bonne pour vous" is a bad word for word (machine) translation for "good for you", it does not exist as such in French, and it is already an answer, so you don't answer it.

The French equivalent for "good for you" would be "tant mieux pour toi".

What is the real meaning of status quo in legal term

keep it as it is

When you make personal connections to a piece of fiction you

use your own experiences to better understand characters, events, and ideas

What actors and actresses appeared in Hoi-Polloi - 1990

The cast of Hoi-Polloi - 1990 includes: Leila Dorcas Andrew Kotting Tracy McCloud Joey Simon

What is Hoรซrskool Bellville's motto

The motto of Hoërskool Bellville is 'Paratus Ad Omnia'.

When was Washington National Cathedral created

Washington National Cathedral was created in 1990.

When was Jeu created

Jeu was created in 2006.

What has the author Satya Ranjan Das written

Satya Ranjan Das has written:

'Satyaranjan Das on the Law of ultra vires' -- subject(s): Ultra vires

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