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What is a qualitative observation

A Qualitative Observation is an observation that uses the five senses. sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. An example of this would be: "This tree has bright green leaves that have soft bumps on them."

The opposite is a quantitative observation, which is measured in numbers, such as the weight or length of an object. For example, 5 pounds or 100 inches. For instance "The stratosphere begins 40 kilometers above the surface of Earth."

What is a peptide bond

A peptide bond is a covalent bond formed between two amino acids in a protein. It links the carboxylic group of one amino acid to the amine group of the other.

If water had a bond angle of 180 degrees instead of 105 degrees would it be polar or nonpolar molecule

All straight molecules are nonpolar, so water would by default be nonpolar.

Which two elements make up three-fourths of the human body

The two elements that make up 3/4 of the human body are Oxygen, and Hydrogen.

Which of the following is an organic molecule


CH4 for bio sem 1



{Apex Asnwers} C2H6

What best defines what matter is

The most essential and defining characteristic of matter is inertia.

Where is the energy in a polysaccharide stored

In the chemical bonds of its monomers.

What happens when a magnesium ion is attracted to a chlorine ion

They form an Ionic compound.

Which part of the body contains bile an enzyme that helps break down lipids

Bile is made in the liver and secreted into the Small intestines to neutralize the acidity of the chyme leaving the stomach. When there is no food entering the small intestines Bile is stored in the Gallbladder until it is needed.

What molecules form protiens when linked together with covalent bonds

Amino acids are the molecules. Dipeptide bonds is the specific name for the covalent bonds.

What prevents lipids from mixing with water

Water is polar, but lipids are nonpolar.

Why is it a good idea to study experimental subjects in their natural environment

D.So that they respond to the test as they would under normal conditions

What type of protein is used often to carry other molecules


If water were a nonpolar molecule how would the properties of water be different

water would not be able to climb up inside plants Apex

What is the purpose of using multiple control groups in experiments

Speaking from a degree in science and speaking scientifically, the purpose of having multiple control groups is so you can make sure that your experiment is completely valid, and to determine whether or not your experiment is true to your hypothesis because in your hypothesis it pretty much states what the experiment is about, but if your experiment has gone wrong in any way you want to make sure that if you have all your control groups, you can redo the experiment and still have your control groups.

apex!:)- to help control for factors that aren't being tested but might affect results.

What is the goal of a statement of the purpose

To indicate what is expected to be accomplished in doing an experiment

What is true of an Arrhenius acid

An Arrhenius acid donates H+ ions. (apex).

The molecules that make up food contain energy. how does the human body get energy from the food molecules

by breaking chemical bonds in the molecules

What macromolecule is often made up of three fatty acids bound to a glycerol molecule

These molecules are triglycerides.

What is the following is most likely the result of an organism having lipids in its body

water cannot be absorbed through the surface of a leaf

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