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What is the resistance in ohms of the computer-monitor combination when a desktop computer and monitor together draw about 1.2 A of current and they plug into a wall outlet that is 120 V


What are the substances that increase the rate of a chemical reaction called


Why does the frequency of a siren get higher as an ambulance using that siren gets closer

because you get closer to the sound

As the ambulance gets closer, the sound waves are compressed relative to the person; so the frequency increases.

What is the method of charging by rubbing two objects together

friction charging

Do electric and magnetic fields always form closed loops

Magnetic fields do, because there's no such thing as an isolated magnetic "pole",

and a magnetic line always starts and ends at opposite poles of the same

magnetized object.

But electric fields don't. You can easily have a bundle of isolated positive charge

over here and a bundle of isolated negative charge over there, whereupon the

lines of the electric field start on one bundle and end on the other bundle.

But electric field lines can also exist in closed loops, and they do that in radio waves, where the electromagnetic field propagates with an electric field component and a magnetic field component, and they both form closed loops.

In a parallel circuit the is the same for every leg in the circuit


An electric clothes dryer draws 22 A of current from a 240-V wall outlet How much power in watts does it use

Power (Watts) = Current (Amps) * Voltage

Power = 22Amps * 240 Volts

Power = 5,280 Watts


Increase the strength of a copper electromagnet

There are a couple of ways to increase the strength of a copper electromagnet. You could increase the current going through the wire or wrap more wire around it which increases the strength exponentially. You could also put in a soft iron core such as a nail which in essence becomes a magnet and increases the strength of the magnet.

Why are fuse wire used in the electric circuit at home

Fuse wire is not used in electrical circuits in the home.

A portable electric heater has a resistance of 20 ohms It plugs into a wall outlet that is 120 V How much current in amps does it draw

A voltage source of 120 V will supply a current of 6 Ainto a load of 20 ohms.

Ohm's law: Voltage equals current times resistance.

The alternate question, 10 ohm heater running on 120 V, was split from this question because it was not the same question.

AB plus C plus B is the general equation for which one what types of chemical reactions

AB + C + B is not an equation: an equation requires two sets of compounds on either side of an equality sign. Furthermore, it cannot be any of the following types of reactions because there is nothing following.

Why are all metals attracted by magnet

All metals are not attracted by a magnet. Most metals are not attracted by a magnet. It is iron and steel which is made from iron that are attracted by a magnet.

Most other metals such a copper, aluminum, zinc, brass, nickel etc. are not attracted to a magnet...

Are accidental discoveries are good as non-accidental ones

Most great discoveries started out as accidental. The discoverer usually wondered why something happened and began investigating and experimenting to learn about it.

Which of the following is true about the force between charges

Like charges repel each others.

The force between charges decreases as the distance between them increases.

In a closed circuit what does an increase in voltage cause

an increase in current, hence increased power and increased heat.

What type of fields are created by an arrangement of electric charges or a current

Magnetic fields can be created by charges or the flow of current.

What are two kinds of fields that's make up an electromagnetic waves

Electric and Magnetic

Which of the following correctly describe magnetic fields lines

None of them does.

Where would shock from an electrified fence be the least unpleasant if standing A barefoot on wet grass during rain B on a rubber mat or very dry ground C on a metal ladder against the fence

You would need to be standing on some kind of electrical insulator, such as a rubber mat, or on very dry ground.

What happens to the strength of an electromagnet as you increase the number of coils

The energy of electromagnet will increase

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