Pride and Prejudice

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How long do chow chow dogs live

Chow Chow dogs can live to the average of 15 years, but with good genes and good veterinary care some Chow Chows can live longer.
The average life expectancy for a healthy Chow Chow is 11-12 years

What is help

Help is what you kinda want right now you want to find something you want to know that you havent been helped with this is a awsome answer

Who sings Hurry Hurry Don't Be Late

The Little River Band.

What does Mr Collins do for living

Mr. Collins is a country parson, who takes care of the church at Lady Catherine's estate.

What does 'filled with surprise and wonder mean

filled with surprise or wonder

Senator Godinez is the candidate for everyone who loves freedom and financial security

loaded words

Brand X sells inferior and out-dated products

This is a form of market name-calling propaganda.

Because it rained yesterday it's time to buy that new lawnmower

cause and effect

Which of these statements would Elizabeth Bennet probably agree with

Lydia would not have eloped with George Wickham if she was not convinced that he wanted to get married.

You can become one of the millions who already own an Amazing Toy

Well it depends what kind of bag you use to store toys now thats what i think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubert was always too incompetent to handle stressful situations

name calling

The whirling leaves dance at her feet


What is a sentence for drawl

The cashier spoke with an easily recognizable Southern drawl.

  1. to speak with lengthened or drawn-out vowels.
Before I started washing my hair with Hello Shampoo I didn't have any friends Now my phone rings constantly

Answer it and it will stop ringing. WRONG

Cause and effect.

A+ sucks


What does a most country-town indifference to decorum mean

The was referring to a person who did not act in a tenacious manner.

Who did charlotte lucas marry in Pride and Prejudice

Charlotte Lucas married Mr Collins.

What propaganda technique is used in this example Maria is the best person for class president because she was in charge of the charity auction last year

Glittering generalities is the technique used in this example.

What term least describes characterizes the attitude of miss bingley in this reading passage



What type of propaganda is don't miss the opportunity of a lifetime

Loaded words. A+

Based on the information in the chart which of these statements is true

Based on the information in the chart, which of these statements is true?

What prediction can be made from the information in the reading passage in Uses for Buffalo

Indians are able to use the buffalo all year A+

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