Gregor Mendel

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What rhymes with vermin


What is the name of the common rock produced by the metamorphosis of limestone


How does the cook react to Gregor's metamorphosis

he asks to leave

What is the rossetta stone made of

It is made of Black Polished Basalt

What did gregor want to do for grete before his transformation

send her to conservatory for music

What is a good English to another language website

Bing Translator is a good website for translating it has lots of languages,I'd suggest bing Translator

What structural decision would a translator have to make when translating an original text

Word order (or sentence length)

What two elements are important for an ideal translation

Accuracy and readability (apex)

What type of tone can a translator create with short quick sentences

What element does a translator make the searches about the effect of the tone and pacing of a story

Why do most translators of kafka the metamorphosis choose to use the term vermin instead of cockroach

The answer is B Vermin is less specific, so the reader feels as confused as Gregor about what is happening.

What is an example of a rising action in the metamorphosis

Gregor learns how to move and eat a a bug but soon realizes that his family finds him disgusting. -apex

What reason does Gregor give for staying at his job

He must pay off his parent’s debt.

Why is The Metamorphosis a difficult story to translate

there are many different interpretations of Kafka’s original words.

Which element from the original text is captured in an ideal literary translation

Correct connotations of words (APEX)

What does the paint by numbers metaphor imply about the role of the translator

the translator is putting the words of the original author in a new language and not making any decisions or changes - apex

What is the chief clerk's reaction to seeing gregor for the first time after gregor's transformation


What is Gregor's reaction to hearing that his father has some money left over from his failed business

Gregor wishes he himself could have used the money to pay off his parents debt faster but is happy his family has the money.

What does Gregor think about his boss

Gregor doesn’t like his boss and wants to yell at him [APEX]

What type of translation conveys the basic information from the original work but usually not the original writers style or specific culture context


How are Kafka's feelings of inadequacy represented in The Metamorphosis

Through Gregor's transformation into a hideous bug

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