History of the United States

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What is infrastructure

Basic systems needed to support society such as roads and water supply. Apex

What was the goal of the Missouri compromise

The goal was to keep a political balance between slave states and free states.

What made the Missouri Compromise necessary

The Missouri Compromise was necessary for deciding the status of the enormous territory added to the USA by the Louisiana Purchase. It was needed to determine which new states would be slave-states, and which ones would be free soil.

Conflict between slave owners and people who wanted slavery to end - APEX

What was the advantage of paved roads

Animals could pull wagons of goods farther and faster.

What was one advantage of railroads

They could be built almost anywhere. (apex)

Which party used political machines to attract immigrant voters

The Democratic Party

What was true about President Jefferson's decision to buy the Louisiana Territory

He was unsure if the purchase was allowed by the constitution.

Where were the first American railroads built

The earliest railroads did not have a locomotive- there were several that were built using gravity and mules to moves cars on a track. Among the earliest that actually used a locomotive was the Granite Railway in Quincy Mass (1826). It was 3 miles long, and used to move granite stone from a quarry.

Which group did the Democratic Party appeal to the most

The working class

What was the most important innovation of the transportation revolution

The steam engine

Which president created the Corps of Discovery

Thomas Jefferson

What was a result of the difficulty of traveling long distances in the early 1800s

Americans did not feel connected to the whole country.

Which states were added to the union as part of the Missouri Compromise

Missouri & Maine. APEX.

A key idea in the American system was to pay for improvements through

high tariffs.

What did the completion of Erie Canal allow

The completion of the Erie Canal allowed for faster and cheaper travel to the Midwest.

How did the Louisiana purchase affect the relationship between the United states and foreign nations

Answer this question It gave the United States resources that would help it in conflicts with other nations…

What was one reason that Napoleon sold the Louisiana territory to the United States

He needed money to pay for a war with Britain.

Growth in the use of railroads was made possible by

Improvements in iron and steel production

What innovation made complicated products easier to make apex

Interchangeable Parts

What Before the 1800s the size of cities were limited by

What Before the 1800s the size of cities were limited by

The slave revolt in Haiti:

Made Napoleon willing to sell the Louisiana Territory. (apex)

what was a major cause of the panic of 1819

Farmers and businesses being unable to pay back money borrowed from banks. -Apex

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