Marketing Advertising and Sales

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Is a rhinoceros a r-strategist

no it is a k-strategist

The sequence of physiological and psychological reactions as a result of sexual arousal is known as

the sexual response cycle

When does bandwagon advertising work

When the audience associates being part of the cool group with using a particular product

Ventral is a directional term synonymous with what in humans

In humans, ventral is synonymous with Anterior.

Which of these is a method of freely associating words

Using connected words to make a word-association chain

What is the primary goal of all advertisements

To get people to buy products

Which of these describes how all mnemonic devices work

A familiar thing is chosen to stand in for something that needs to be remembered.

Why does music association work as a memory strategy

It's easier to remember rhymes than non-rhymes.

Which of these is an example of music association

Writing song lyrics that convey information that needs to be remembered

Which of these words in an advertisement is most likely to create a positive emotional reaction


What kind of advertisement shows a celebrity endorsing a product


A mnemonic device is something that

aids your memory.

Which of these tips would work best for an auditory learner

Use analogies and stories to express your ideas.

Color association works by

connecting different colors with different ideas.

An advertisement that appeals to negative emotions is designed to

make you fear what will happen if you don't use a certain product.

What column heading do you need to add to an Everything I Know chart to turn it into a Quad Entry diary

Add a column heading of "What I Found Out."

Which of the segments of the ad above is an example of the testimonial form of propaganda

Study island question- Segment 2

What is the closest synonym for artificial

The closest synonym would be counterfeit.

The loci method works well because

everyone knows certain places very well

Which of the sentences below would go in the problem concept column of an everything I know chart

What do i need to know before going back to school?

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