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A example of a chemical change

a example of chemical change is fireworks

What happens when an atom gains an electron

It becomes a negative ion.

Which small molecule makes up more than half of a humans body weight


Why is the chlorine ion attracted to a sodium ion

the Chlorine ion is attracted to the Sodium ion because chlorine ion is negative and the sodium ion is positive. positive and negative ions are always attracted. hence the two are attracted.

What is the purpose of adding an indicator to an unknown solution

Indicators contain chemicals that will react with certain substances. If that substance is present in your unknown solution, a reaction will occur. If no reaction occurs, then that substance is not present in your solution

When glucose and fructose join together what do they form

A disaccharide

Which best describes the role of nitrogen in the human body

main ingredients in proteins

What elements are in the most common substance in the human body

Hydrogen and Oxygen

Which best describes how an ionic bond forms

One atom pulls an electron from another atom.

Which molecule allows a blade of grass to stand up straight

Cellulose, lignin, hemi-cellulose and fibres are all molecules in the structure of the plant cell wall that makes the plant (in this case a blade of grass) stand up straight.


Why are proteins considered organic molecules

They contain many carbon atoms

Which would prevent a plant from growing

Lack of sunlight

What determines how much energy a human can recieve from food

The composition of food, especially the amount of fats.

What are the reactants in this chemical reaction Sodium metal reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce salt and hydrogen gas

The reactants in this reaction are sodium (Na) and hydrochloric acid (HCl).

What two molecules do green plants use to make their glucose

Carbon dioxide and water.

Living things are made up of very complicated molecules. Why is carbon important for forming these complicated molecules

it forms very strong bonds

There are five different types of nucleotide bases found in living things. Which is an accurate comparison of the bases found in birds as opposed to the bases found in flowers

birds have a different arrangement of the bases than flowers

There are six elements that make up most of the human body. Which of the following is not one of these six elements


Methane gas is burned to provide heat. The chemical reaction for this process is shown in the equation below. CH4 plus 2O2 CO2 plus 2H2O plus energy What are the products in this chemical reaction

CO2 + 2H2O + energy

which will form an ionic bond

A positive ion and a negative ion.

two oppositely charged ions

Which of the following is an organic molecule


CH4 for bio sem 1



{Apex Asnwers} C2H6

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