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What is the synonym for native

original, indigenous

What is a matriarchy

Women are the leaders of the religion or government of a society.

Families are led primarily by the mother are a matriarchal family.

Matriarchal societies include the animal kingdom, for example Meerkats are a matriarchal society.

What are the analects

A collection of the teachings and sayings of confucius

A+ haha

Meaning for the word TAO

'Tao' means path or way

According to the beliefs of Taoism what is the controlling force of the universe


Which early Confucian philosopher declared that it was the nature of human beings to be good


Confucianism came to Japan from what country


Buddhism came to japan from what country


What was the purpose of the visit to Japan by the US Naval Fleet commanded by Matthew C Perry

To (forcefully) open up Japan for trade 'cuz Japan was in isolation before this and was being led by the Shogunate. After being opened up Meiji restoration

The Shinto religion was absorbed by which religion around 500 AD


Which beliefs are the yin and the yang a part of

taoism and confuianism

The philosopher mencius would most likely support which of these concepts


Which of these is an eight-branched candlestick used during the festival of lights

The candelabra used during Hanukkah actually holds 9 candles and is called a Hannukiah (Hanukkah-menorah).

Which of these was a leading supporter and proponent of Legalism

Han Fei Tzu

What determined the leadership of a clan in ancient Japan


What was the position of the Japanese leader at the time of Commander Perry's visit to Japan


What is the focus of the yin and yang

The focus of the yin and yang is to find a balance in nature.

What are the three main branches of Shinto

Shrine Shinto< yo Shinto< my Shinto

Which of these statements is true regarding Alexander Hamilton's Federalist vision of America compared with Thomas Jefferson's vision

Hamilton supported greater federal power. (study island)

What can be best described as a political philosophy

Legalism colt york

Who was Tsao Chun

He was one of the Chinese Domestic Gods

Which of these statements is false all neutrons are alike all electrons are alike all protons are alike all atoms are alike

True statements:

All neutrons are alike, all electrons are alike, all protons are alike (All atoms of a given isotope is only alike).

False statement:

All atoms are alike

All atoms are not alike as they may vary in the number of protons / electrons / neutrons.

What statements best describes Which of these statements best describes medical care in Bulgaria

not good

Which of these are most closely associated with Taoism

Lao-zi and Zhuangzi

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