African-American History

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How did warfare including the weapons and strategies change from World War 1 to the Cold War

There wasn't any fighting in the cold war besides the Suez crisis in Egypt so the weapons had nothing to do with the cold war and also the cold war was after world WA 2

Which president made the decision to drop atomic bombs on japan

President Harry Truman

When were the League of Women Voters created


Who delivered the famous you have a dream speech

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Why did the allied leaders have trouble reaching agreement at the potsdam conference

growing ill will between the soviet union and other allies.

What is a statement that is true only if both parts of the statement are true

In computing, this is an AND statement.

In 1946 the united nations and the western allies forced the soviet union to withdraw from


When did the Germans drop an atomic bomb on Japan

The Germans did not drop an atomic bomb on Japan or on anyone. It was the US which dropped two atomic bombs on Japan (specifically on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) in 1945.

What year did the Supreme Court ban racial segregation in public schools


How did Marcus garveys approach to civil rights differ from that of the NAACP

garvey wanted African americans to return to Africa, while the NAACP wanted African americans to have civil rights at home (APEX)

What happened during the great depression in the Ozark mountains


Who bombed japan with the atomic bomb

The United States......................

What countries sent troops to South Korea


How was the Soviet Union presented

In United States, you present Soviet Union.

But in Soviet Russia, it present you!

Why did the NAACP provide legal counsel for African Americans

They wanted to fight segregation w/ legal methods. Apexxx

The goal of margaret sanger was to give women

The goal of Margaret Sanger was to give women a choice to birth control.

When was Ku Klux Klan created

Ku Klux Klan was created in 1865.

When was Federal Republic of Germany created

Federal Republic of Germany was created in 1949.

What has the author Emil Kemair Gubin written

Emil Kemair Gubin has written:

'How to do business under the Marshall Plan' -- subject(s): Reconstruction (1939-1951), United States, United States. Economic Cooperation Administration

How did FDR get African Americans to change party allegiance

Creating the “black cabinet” which gave African Americans a role in shaping public policy (apex)

How did a Phillip Randolph get president Truman to change the way military treated its black soldiers

he threatened to organize a march on washington (apex)

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