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Which of the following is NOT a sedimentary structure Ripple marks Magma emplacement Mud cracks or Cross beds

Magma emplacements or Batholith are not sedimentary structures.

As of the year 2000 the human population was approximately

6 billion

How can overfishing lead to ecosystem collapse

Ecosystems are an integrated process that requires each part to be present to allow the whole system to operate correctly. This is similar to a car engine that requires all of its parts to work - "over removing" the crankshaft affects the whole engine.In the case of fish they are both consumers and consumed. Fish eat smaller plants and animals that would overpopulate their niche in the ecology if not removed. This ould cause a depletion of the smaller plants and animals they feed on crating a barren base ecology. As fish are consumed, the animals they feed would be starved for food and either die out or move to other locations. They might also switch to less nutritious food or to species that are not as numerous and deplete their numbers.

It doesn't stop there. Bears, as an example, eat salmon. They then wander through the woods where their faces provide nutrients for trees. The trees provide ecologies for a wide range of animals and have other functions like soil building with their leaves or needles and soil stabilization with their roots. Therefor - no salmon, no bears, no healthy trees, no birds and squirrels, no control of erosion, eroded soil fills the streams and the hydrogeology of the ecosystem changes.

As countries get richer their population growth rate tends to

slow down

Population growth is highest in which countries

Answer this Which is the best way to determine a species population in an area? question…

If a population overshoots its it may have a population crash 2 words

carrying capacity

Land with a few crops will always have less

fertile soil and water.

What advantage does nuclear power have over fossil fuels

The major advantage is that the fuel, once introduced, lasts a considerable time without replenishment, and so does not require a constant transported supply.

Other advantages are offset by disadvantages : it produces almost no CO2, but it does give off substantial waste heat. It produces little waste, but the waste produced is highly dangerous and difficult to dispose of.

Who or what is responsible for cutting down trees

humans are responsible for cutting down trees..... we are killing ourself

Characteristic of all minerals


Resources are not permanently depleted or damaged an ecosystem is considered to be

Resources are not permanently depleted or damaged an ecosystem is considered to be sustainable.

Which ofthe following is a reason the human population is growing exponentially
What do forests have more than single crop farmland


Is the following is an intrusive igneous body Pyroclast Lava Flow Lahar Batholith

Batholith is an intrusive igneous body.

When did the human population began to grow exponentially

After the Industrial revolution

Is a nonrenewable resource

Petroleum is a nonrenewable resource.

Coal was created by the squeezing of over millions of years.


What is the end consequence for cutting down trees in the sahel


What measurement gives the most accurate number of population in an area

The electoral roll (or voting register).

What is major drawback of using fossil fuels

they warm the planet

Which is not an environmental consequence of nuclear energy

Greenhouse gases

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