African-American History

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What factors contributed to the Holocaust

Long standing prejudice against the Jews, gypsies and the other groups targeted.

Prejudice against the Jews had been encouraged by the Church for centuries. In the period from about 1870 onwards the traditional, religious prejudices were supplemented by all kinds of racist prejudices and by new stereotypes. One of the most destructive of these was the view from about 1918 onwards of Jews as Communists.

Fascism and racism

What was the result of the Scopes monkey trial

Scopes was declared guilty, but people felt the law violated the Constitution. Scopes was fined and the law was upheld.

How did American women win the fight for suffrage

They worked for a constitutional amendment-APEX

How did Fordism affect American labor

It helped American workers enter the middle class

How did the New Deal cause African Americans to change party allegiance

African Americans had traditionally shown loyalty to the Republican Party because of Abraham Lincoln. In 1936, though, 75 percent of African Americans supported the Democrats because the programs gave them some relief from the Depression.

How did Marcus garveys approach to civil rights differ from that of the NAACP

garvey wanted African americans to return to Africa, while the NAACP wanted African americans to have civil rights at home (APEX)

What was the project to build the atomic bomb called

The United States governments effort to build the atomic bomb was called the Manhattan project.

What did the US government fear about Japan which led to the decision to use atomic bombs

Japan would not surrender prolonging on the war

Why was Marcus Garvey sent back to Jamaica in 1927

He was convicted of fraud.

What did FDR do to cause African Americans to change party allegiances

Make the democratic party the party of racial equality.

Margaret Sanger was controversial because of her work in support of what

Her activism in support of birth control was the reason she was controversial.

What system of government is based on the idea that war makes a nation stronger


What factor helped to worsen the great depression

The factor that helped worsen the Great Depression was the Smoot-Hawley Act.

What political system calls for government control of the economy

Communism is the political system that called for government control of the economy.

How did Fordism affect American labor negatively

it helped american workers enter the middle class.

The image of rosie the riveter inspired women to

take jobs that men had held before the war

What did investors fear as a result of the smoot Hawley tariff act

a decline in prices-apex

The atomic bomb was produced through

The Manhattan Project.

Was Taylor Swift around during the Great Depression

The Great Depression happened in the 1930s and 1940s. Taylor Swift was born in 1989, so she was not around during the Great Depression.

What statement about the case of Sacco and Vanzetti is true apex

Many felt that sacco and vanzetti were convicted because of xenophobia

Which part of the us economy had the biggest boost after ww1

Business !

Which is true of the fdr

By regulating the stock market, and insuring banks, FDR was able to make the economy more stable.

Which of these happened during the Great Depression

Many teens got jobs to help their families... APEX

Which is true of FDR

By speaking to Americans on the radio, he made the New Deal understandable. - Apex

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