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Who was the first person to conduct a true sociological research study

Type your answer here... Emile Durkheim

Best describes the work of Herbert Spencer

he compared the development of a society to the evolution of living things

What social science focuses on the study of the activities of individuals and groups in a region

Human geography

Who started cultural relativism

The ideology of cultural relativism was started by Franz Boas. Cultural relativism decrees that an individual should be judged based on their culture.

Best describes the work of Karl Marx

He argued that wealth is produced by labor.

Which of these is a characteristic of a caste system

ascribed status

Which social science is The study of the conservation of scarce resources while producing goods for people to consume


Which of these men was not a business tycoon in late nineteenth century America

talcott parsons

What best describes the work of Auguste Comte

He relied on information that could be verified through observations and the senses

Which social scientist would study the demographics used to determine the natural resources needed to feed the people in a region


People government and societies choose how to use scarce resources to produce items for consumption

4 economics

What correctly describes symbolic interaction

Focuses on how indivduals interpret their own behavior and the behavior of others on a society

A field study of a primitive tribe of Indians living near the Amazon River


What correctly describes positivism

The behavior of individuals and group can be obseved and scientifically measured

Which of these correctly describes the conflict theory a sociologist moves to a community to study the effectiveness of the local school system

The struggle for power exist between the workers and capitalist.

Which social science is described here A social worker from the State Department of Human Services visits a family that is receiving welfare because the father was injured in an industrial accident

social work

What social science is described hereThe local organization of the Veterans of Foreign Wars always displays the American Flag on the main street of your town

1 anthropology

Which term relates to this statement A sociologist conducts a research study of the mass transit system of Chicago

urban sociology

What correctly describes the economic determinism

All social institutions and social behavior are controlled by monetary factors.

Which social science is described here Each year the US commemorates November 11 as Veterans Day marking the end of hostilities in World War 1

I believe it is 1 anthropology

What best describes the organizationalist theory

The most important part of a society is the bureaucracy or structure of a government,

What statement is not a valid description or definition of knowledge

"Knowledge is a small village in Norway." is not a valid definition of the word.

Which choices best describes the work of Robert Merton

He created the sociology of science that examines the relationship between the development of science and the elements of society.

Which correctly describes structural functionalism

The fa big one

What term best describes the visitors traveling in Asia were surprised that people would eat the head of the fish

Cultural Shock

When did Talcott Parsons die

Talcott Parsons died on 1979-05-08.

What did social darwinism discourage-

Social Darwinism discouraged government regulation. The ideas associated with social Darwinism emerged in the 1870s.

Which if the following is not a description of a role

A role refers to the social standing of a person in a society or a group

What statements best describes Which of these statements best describes medical care in Bulgaria

not good

Which of these correctly describes interactionism

The social institution can be changed by the behavior and decisions of the people in the society. A+

Which of these items is not considered by economists to be a needa mealsheltera coata book

Which of these items is not considered by economists to be a need?

a meal


a coat

a book

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