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Function of a visual display unit

a vdu/visual display unit is used to display the graphics that are produced by a computer

What is the name of an organism that eats only producers


What do mitochondrial and thylakoid membranes have in common

Mitochondrial and thylakoid membranes are sites of electron transport chains. They both use ATP synthase proteins in ATP production.

What is an abiotic factor that can be found in a rain forest ecosystem


Which is a reactant in the Calvin cycle

CO2 (Apex)

Which process in respiration happens first

Glycolysis is the first process to happen in respiration.

Why are there many separate ecosystems in a rain forest

Different conditions support different organisms.

Why do biologists measure the number of trophic levels in an ecosystem

To check its stability and health

Which organisms are secondary consumers in this food web

(: Fox & Hawk

Which term refers to an organism that eats prey


What is a primary consumer gaining energy

A carterpillar eating a plant is an example of a primary consumer gaining energy.

What will most likely happen if the population of beetles drops suddenly

the coatis will eat more figs

Which describes a reason for making a prediction when doing a controlled experiment

To determine what sort of data table will be most useful


How many trophic levels are there in the following food chain sunflower beetle or mouse


Why can a grassland ecosystem support more herbivores than an forest ecosystem can

He plays them as a hobby but not for his band.

Which of the following is a decomposer hawk fungus owl ant

The fungi are decomposers.

What organism is the secondary consumer in the following food chain leaf catepiller lizard snake


If a rabbit receives 150 calories of energy from eating carrots how much of that energy would be passed on to a snake


What type of organism can produce energy from the sunlight

Photosynthetic organisms can produce energy from sunlight.

Is an example of parasitismWhich of the following is an example of parasitism

Worms consuming the blood of an animal

What if the following is an important role of a detrivore

To help recycle nutrients in the soil

which of the following would be considered a reliable source of scientific information


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