History of the United States

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What does buying on margin mean

Buying on margin is borrowing money from a broker to purchase stock.

How many feet in one marla

1 marla= 272.25 square feet

In which year was the highest percentage of Americans employed


What did Roosevelt fear would happen if the Axis nations won the war

The devastation that would follow if Great Britain fell to German control.

Which nations were involved in the Nonaggression Pact of 1939

SU and Germany

Which of these was the target of President Roosevelt's promise to reform

The primary targets of President Roosevelt's reform were corporations, conservation, and protection of consumers.

Which group held a protest in Washington DC in 1932 that had to be broken up by the military

World War I veterans

What was the purpose of The Agricultural Adjustment Act

to create a federal farm board with the authority to purchase surplus crops.

What did Hoover think would result if financial assistance was given directly to the people

they would become lazy and dependent on that income

What best describes the purpose of the Agricultural Marketing Act

The government purchased surplus crops from farmers. A+

Why did the us government set up the war production board

to increase the production of war materials

What was true about the Roosevelt's New Deal program

The New Deal helped the economy to slowly recover.
The spending created a deficit in the federal budget.

True or false The Great Depression although felt worldwide during the 1930s had no effect on the Japanese economy


Was The Civilian Conservation Corps was established partially to improve the environment


Which is not related to the expansion of employment opportunities

Glass-Steagall Act

A+LS Answer

Is it true that Roosevelt's new deal program led to greater progress in the construction industry than that of pre-great depression levels


What is a good statement best describes the purpose of the Civil Works Administration

The purpose of the CWA was to create jobs for the millions of unemployed during the Great Depression. Under FDR's New Deal, the CWA helped create over 4 million jobs.

What is true of the League of Nations

america did not join the league

Which countries was most closely related to communism

It was the Soviet Union

What was one of the first actions of Franklin Roosevelt's. presidency

The declaration of a Bank Holiday

What program is not associated with the new deal

Medicare is not a part of the new deal.

What statement best describes the purpose of the Social Security act

Federal Tax on payroll that would be returned to the states to assist unemployed workers

What is a period of temporary business reduction shorter and less extreme than a depression

This is often called a recession.

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