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Royal academies became important in the art world during the

Baroque period .

Which pair of words best describes Surrealist art

Surprising and psychological (apex)

Which artistic movement focused on the power of modern machinery and the rapid and constant movement of modern life


Who were the two cofounders of Cubism

Picasso and Braque (apex)

What might art conservators try to do to a Renaissance painting that is deteriorating

Restore it to its original condition .

Cubism broke with earlier traditions in Western art by

Representing multiple perspectives at once

The Fauves a French term for wild beasts were a group of French artists associated with which art movement

The Fauves (a French term for "wild beasts") were a group of French painters led by: A.Georges Braque.B.Claude Monet.C.Paul Cézanne.D.Henry Matisse.

But the question is 'which art movement'. So the answer is Expressionism.

(answer) D. Henry Matisse.

What is an art exhibition

A presentation of works by a single artist or group of similar artists

The purpose of Synthetic Cubism is to

create recognizable images out of unrelated objects.

Marcel Duchamp and the Dada art movement pushed the boundaries of traditional art by

ridiculing traditional notions of "high art."

Pablo Picasso was one of the founders of


Who was an important figure in the transition toward impressionism

edouard manet

Museums put together exhibitions in order to

present a comprehensive collection of a particular kind of art.

How does a forger create a pastiche

Combining Elements From Various Paintings Into A Single New Work.

Which ststement best fits the view of the Dada art movement

Anything can and should be considered art.

Henry Matisse was a french expressionist artist who was one of the leaders of the


Why did paul durand ruel set up a private gallery .

exhibit artists rejected by the conservative Salon juries.

Look at this image. This is an example of a Native American

kachina doll

With the birth of abstraction painters began to

focus more on shape and color than on the realistic depiction of particular objects

Ask us anythingLook at the painting below. What makes this an example of Expressionism

The use of vivid colors to portray strong emotions. Apex

Ask us anythingMatch each abstract artist with the appropriate art movement.

George’s Braque, Cubism

Umberto Boccioni, Futurism

Marcel Duchamp, Dada

Salvador Dali, surrealism


Match each Post-Impressionist painter with the words that best apply to his works.

Van Gogo- colorful and emotional

Seurat- Pointillism and precision

Gauguin- Primitivism and contrast

Cezanne- Order and composition

Look at this painting by John Singleton Copley. What is it trying to convey

The virtue of a close and loving family


Look at the artwork below. What makes this an example of Surrealism

The Dreamlike Imagery (Apex)

What is a type of forgery


Why Look at β€œA bar at the follies-Berger’s” by Edouard Manet. This painting belongs to which artistic movement

Impressionism (APEX)

If you Look at this painting. It was done by _____.

Raphael. [APEX]

Romantic artists hoped that their viewers would react against


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