Pride and Prejudice

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Who are the characters of Jane Austen

Mr Darcy Elizabeth Bennet Jane Bennet Mary Bennet Kitty Bennet Lydia Bennet Mrs Bennet Mr Bennet Mr Collins Mr Bingley Mr Wickham Lady Catherine

Why did Darcy try to discourage Charles Bingley from seeing Jane Bennet

Mr Darcy noticed that Mr. Bingley was in love with her, but he did not want him to marry her because her family is not rich, and have no connections. He also claims that part of it was because he thought Jane did not show admiration for Mr. Bingley, and assumed she did not have feelings for him.

In early castles how were guests seated when they cAME for dinner

when noble guests were noble invited to a lords castle they ate at the head of the table with the lord and his lady.

Which movement proposed that family history and environment were the main influences on the development of a person's character


How did Elizabeth learn about Darcy's role in convincing Charles Bingley to not become romantically involved with Jane Bennet

Colonel Fitzwilliam told Elizabeth taht Mr. Darcy had saved Charles Bingly from an imprudent marrige.

Why did Mr Darcy's demeanor toward other people change from one of indifference to one of courtesy and hospitality

Darcy wanted to win Elizabeth's favor.

Who does Lady Catherine want Fitzwilliam Darcy to marry

miss de Bourgh

Which of these terms is defined as a collection of literary works by one or more authors


What is a character that is changed by events or by interactions with other characters in a story

dynamic character

Who does Miss Bingley want her brother Charles to marry

Caroline Bingley wants her brother to marry Mr. Darcy's sister, Georgiana.

Is management as an art or a science

both. there is art in science and a science in art. it all depends on perspective.
just as one would say singing is an art but there is a science to it, or there science of engineering but there is art to it.

Which of these characters is a servant of the Bennet family

Mrs. Hill

Which of these statements would Elizabeth Bennet probably agree with

Lydia would not have eloped with George Wickham if she was not convinced that he wanted to get married.

What terms best describes Miss Darcy's opinion of Elizabeth

Propitious: UPStokes

Who are the main characters of Pride and Prejudice

Elizabeth Bennet

Mr Darcy

Mr Bingly

Jane Bennet

Lydia Bennet

Mr Wickham

What are closely related words to the word entail

Some closely related words to the word entail are:

- Involve

- Require

- Include

Which word from this sentence is not an adverb Pluto sometimes approaches nearer to the sun than Saturn because Pluto's orbit is quite eccentric

Pluto is not an adverb. Pluto is a proper noun being that it is the name of a moon of Saturn.

Is gave a transitive intransitive or a linking verb

To give is a transitive verb. It does something to something.

What does this sentence mean you received an ex post facto raise last week

Ex post facto is a Latin phrase that means 'after the fact.' That sentence would tend to mean that, after working the weak, you received a raise that is retroactive to include the time during the past week that you already worked.

What word in this sentence is an adverb The truck has been leaking oil rather badly lately

not an adverb: leaking A+

What is the tone of the author toward Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner as described in this reading passage


Which of these terms is a name used by an author as a substitute for his or her legal name

The term is pen name.

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