History of the United States

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What was the goal of the Missouri compromise

The goal was to keep a political balance between slave states and free states.

Who was Sacagawea kidnapped by

Sacagawea was kidnapped by Hidatsa tribe!

What was the most common use for canals in America


Why did Congress agree to the Missouri Compromise

To address the conflict over slavery

Why did the Whigs support the use of government money to build national transportation systems

They believed that if the government got involved, the economy would get better.

What was the advantage of paved roads

Animals could pull wagons of goods farther and faster.

What was a major benefit to the United states of the Louisiana purchase

European countries lost influence and power in North America

Why did most Americans in the early 1800s produce everything they needed themselves

It was too difficult to travel to get goods somewhere else

What was an effect of the successful rebellion in Haiti

An effect of the successful rebellion in Haiti was that Napoleon decided to sell the Louisiana Territory.

Which was the most important crop in America by 1860

Cotton was the most important crop in America by 1860.

Which states were added to the union as part of the Missouri Compromise

Missouri & Maine. APEX.

Why were the first American railroads built in the South

farmers used them to move cotton.

What began the rivalry between Whigs and Democrats

The two party system-APEX

How would high tariffs help America

tariffs would make more money for gov program

A key idea in the American system was to pay for improvements through

high tariffs.

What helped to cause the panic of 1819

The end of the war between France and Great Britain

What did the completion of Erie Canal allow

The completion of the Erie Canal allowed for faster and cheaper travel to the Midwest.

Jefferson completed the Louisiana purchase even though what

He was unsure that the Constitution allowed the deal.

In the war of 1812 the United states fought great Britain as well as

Native Americans in the west.

Why was getting the port of new Orleans important to the United states

it was an important part of a major trade route

What is one reason Jefferson wanted to buy the Louisiana territory

Trade route

When was the Twelfth Amendment to the US Constitution enacted

The Twelfth Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified and enacted in 1804.

Andrew Jackson and his supporters believed in

Limited government control of the economy.

Political parties learned they could increase their membership by

All of the above -apex (:

this is right if you have these options-

Convincing young men that politics was manly.

Organizing public rituals and ceremonies.

Giving people a sense that they belong

All of the above.

What is a list of the following events in the correct chronological order.

Answer this question…The Townshend Acts were passedThe proclamation line was set.The Boston Massacre occurred.

Ask us anythingWho decided that John Quincy Adams had won the election of 1824

The House of Representatives

Why was napoleon willing to sell the Louisiana territory to the united states

He no longer needed a base in North America. (apex)

The slave revolt in Haiti:

Made Napoleon willing to sell the Louisiana Territory. (apex)

Growth in the building of canals was made possible by:

Improvements in engineering methods. (APEX)