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Why was Justinians code important during emperor Justinians reign

It was a code of laws that served as the foundation of international laws that is still used today.

What finally caused China to accept more Western influence

European technology caused China to accept more Western influence.

What group of islands was most valued by Europeans

Spice Islands

Which two religions originated in India

Hinduism and Buddhism.

When did Henry VIII break away from the catholic church

Henry the VIII broke away from the catholic church in 1533.

Which best describes religious tolerance in the Plymouth colony

The colony only allowed the Puritan religion

What was the result of the Spanish Inquisition

Many Muslims and Jews were forced out of Spain.


Catholic AnswerThe primarily result of the Spanish Inquisition is that the protestant heresy was kept out of Spain, and the Spanish were protected from its evil influence.
When did the late Middle Ages start

During the Middle Ages. But late.

What is true of Europe after the fall of Rome

It's power was divided

Which of the following statements about south America describes spanish colonies but not the portuguese colonies

Indian slavery was made illegal during the colonial era.

What Roman quality was important to Renaissance art


What was the Lutheran belief about salvation

"For by grace you are saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is a gift from God not of works, lest anyone should boast."- Ephesians 2:8-9 Basically, we cannot earn our salvation, but we recieve it as a gift when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9)

Which Italian traveler wrote a report about his visit to Khubilai Khan

Marco Polo

Why did China and Japan choose isolationism

They had no desire to exchange cultural ideas.

What made the caravel a good ship for exploration

Some reasons why the caravel was a good ship for exploration were that they were agile and easier to navigate, with a tonnage of 50 to 160 tons and 1 to 3 masts, with lateen triangular sails allowing beating.

Being smaller and having a shallow keel, the caravel could sail upriver in shallow coastal waters. With the lateen sails attached, it was highly maneuverable and could sail much nearer the wind, while with the square Atlantic-type sails attached, it was very fast.

Who lived in the Muslim areas of Spain before the Reconquista

Muslims were the largest percentage of the population, but there were significant minorities of Jews and Christians. Among the Muslims, there were many different ethnic groups, ranging from Arabs to Amazigh (Berbers) to Iberians (Muladies) to Slavs (Saqaliba).

What do the stupas of Southeast Asia show

buddism was very popular

Who began the Catholic refomation

Martin Luther; he posted the 97 thesis on the door of a cathedral

Did George Washington fight in the French and Indian War true or false

This is TRUE George Washington did fight in the french and Indian war

Why did Henry VIII want Parliament to dissolve England's ties to a Catholic Church

henry viii wanted a different wife

What was the Inquisition

The Inquisition was a group if institutions within the government system of the Catholic Church, whose aim was to combat heresy. It started in 12th century France and spread to other European countries resulting in the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions. Minor religions were more numerous in these countries

What is true of India under the Islam

Muslim leaders supported Indian music, but not Indian art. - APEX :)

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