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Who is Jesus Christ
Love and Salvation in the form of One Man(1 St. John* 4:16)

According to the Christian faith, which is the belief that that Jesus Christ is God, Jesus Christ was God come into flesh to save man/woman from the consequence of sin, which is Hell (everlasting pain); sin is the act of going against the principles of God, which are based on love; the love for God being supreme, then to love your neighbor as you do yourself, and to love your enemies as well. (St. Matthew** 5:44 & 22:37-39)

According to the Holy Bible, for a man/woman to be saved from Hell, God only requires that he/she believe that Jesus Christ came into this world and died for him/her so that their sin(s) would be forgiven (St. John 3:16-21); for him/her to go to Jesus Christ directly in prayer and ask forgiveness for their sin(s) (St. John 14:6); to believe that when they have asked Jesus Christ directly to forgive them, that Jesus Christ has forgiven them (1 St. John 1:9*); and finally, to find a place where like believers gather and receive teachings from the Holy Bible whereby they can grow in faith, understanding and strength (Hebrews 10:25).

According to the Holy Bible, which is the sacred manuscript of a man/woman who believes that Jesus Christ is their Saviour, their God, one must go directly to Jesus Christ and ask Him for forgiveness of their sins, not to someone else. (John 4:16)

  • Please note that the numeral "1" indicates a second book of John, both the Book of St. John and 1 St. John can be located in the Holy Bible.
  • ** Please note that "St." is an abbreviation for Saint, which is a term signifying respect; some Holy Bibles utilize this reference of esteem while some do not.

I was under the impression that Jesus was God's son and Jesus said that you will see him at the "right hand of the power of God" and Jesus prayed to God also...and God said that Jesus was his "beloved son in whom I am well pleased." sorry to throw a spanner into the works old chap!

Jesus Christ = Jesus = Savior. Christ = Annointed One

Jesus said "Don't think I have come to bring peace on earth, I have not come to bring peace but a sword"

Jesus Christ is the son of God who was sent on the earth to die for our sins so that we can be saved!!

AnswerThe only acceptable view for anyone that considers her/himself a Christian, the answer cannot be less than the following:

Jesus Christ is our Lord, the only-begotten Son of God, begotten of the Father before all ages.

Light of Light, true God of true God, begotten, not created, of one essence with the Father, through whom all things were made.

For us and for our salvation He came down from heaven and was incarnate by the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary and became Man.

He was crucified for us under Pontius Pilate, and He suffered and was buried.

On the third day He rose according to the Scriptures.

He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father.

He will come again with glory to judge the living and the dead. His kingdom will have no end.

Jesus is the one who died for our sins. Without him we would be burning in hell forever, not tomorrow, not a week or a year, but forever!

People may have hated him or hate him but what he does is turn the other cheek.

AnswerJesus is the Son of God. The story of His mortal life is told mainly in the New Testament (part of the Bible). He taught about love, mercy, justice, and obedience to God's laws, to name just a few things that He touched on. He set a perfect example for others, and still encourages us to follow Him. He performed many miracles, and three days after His death He returned to life, and continued His ministry before moving on. Answer for Who Is JesusJesus is someone who loves you a lot. He died on the cross so you can go to heaven and be with Him forever. And by His blood we were forgiven of our sins, and healed from our diseases and sicknesses! Answer from an Ex-ChristianOutside the Bible and the spurious addition to the works of Josephus in Antiquities, Jesus name cannot be found elsewhere in writings of contemporary writers.

Jesus was an invention of Paul.

"Another proof that the Christ of Christianity is a fabulous and not a historical character is the silence of the writers who lived during and immediately following the time he is said to have existed.

That a man named Jesus, an obscure religious teacher, the basis of this fabulous Christ, lived in Palestine about nineteen hundred years ago, may be true. But of this man we know nothing. His biography has not been written. A Renan and others have attempted to write it, but have failed -- have failed because no materials for such a work exist. Contemporary writers have left us not one word concerning him. For generations afterward, outside of a few theological epistles, we find no mention of him."

from"Silence of Contemporary Writers".

Correction of the above

Sadly many do not realise that a direct line through to Jesus pervades all history. The most obvious was the line that passed from Jesus to John, his closest disciple. Affter Jesus' ascension, John continued to evangelise and he himself had many disciples,one being the great Polycarp - who left a great deal of writing which was passed on through the early church. So either Jesus existed as the Bible stories tell us, or John, and Polycarp, was a liar. And Polycarp was executed for his beliefs - would he have allowed that to happen if he knew them to be a lie, or even doubted them a little? Multiply this for the remaining 10 disciples (Judas Iscariot was dead by this time) and there exists a plethora of writings all backing up the Biblical accounts. multiply this by the 72 that Jesus 'sent out' on one occasion, and the other disciples such as John Mark, and one can see that no wonder the gospel message spread like wildfire across the area. So either Jesus existed as per the Bible accounts or all these were liars. If they were liars, why did many of them die for their beliefs that they 'knew' were untrue?

The problem regarding Jesus is that no man, before or since, has created such a stir - and continues to do so. Sadly there are those who will not see it, as he said himself "... there are none so blind as those that will not see...". There are those who, failing to rise to the challenges that Jesus set us, intead of curling up under a stone and hoping he'll go away, instead claim that he never existed in the first place, thus making them feel a little better. What is interesting is that, in some of his teaching, he even predicted this would happen.

AnswerFirstly, saying who Jesus is not, based on anti-supernatural presuppositions proves nothing. To be consistent one would have to also deny the existence of many ancient personages for whom there is much less evidence. It is also interesting that outdated scholarship, from the 19th Century, with whom even liberal scholars of today disagree, is still used to support such an extreme position. J.A.T. Robinson, himself a theological liberal in his book 'Redating the New Testament' demonstrated his conclusions that the entire New Testament was written before 70 AD.

There is ample evidence that the New Testament is the work of either eyewitnesses or of those that knew them. Thus, being those who knew Jesus directly, they were as claimed 'eyewitnesses of His majesty.' Everything they said about Him was thus based on first-hand knowledge as claimed. Mythological exaggerations are not present as in some other writings like the Gospel of Thomas, since other contemporaries of Jesus were present to cull out any errors. Thus the 'silence of contemporary writers' is itself a myth perpetrated by those desperate for it not to be true.

AnswerJust like when He walked the earth, people hated Him and spit on His memory and would 'crucify' Him afresh if they could. So, just like the 'old days', He is despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.' Yet, He grants people a space to repent if they would, hence He delays His glorious return and His word is fulfilled by the scoffers who say 'where is the promise of His coming?' Such also inconsistently deny the validity of details about Jesus while accepting other ancient personages about which we have far less evidence.

Just as Jesus changed forever the lives of the eyewitnesses to whom He appeared after His resurrection so He changes lives today. The reliable eyewitness records, written by His followers and those who knew them, testify much about the important events of His life. The fact that so much energy is expended by the skeptics testifies to His importance as does the repetition of old arguments from the 19th century.

Yet, Jesus, who is Himself almighty God, is the one before whom every knee will bow.

Answer from a ChristianJesus is the son of man. He was born from the virgin Mary. He is the son of God. He is God and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus loves us all and will save us. He will guide us to safety. Jesus is the only way to God. He is our light and our path.

He has made no sin yet he was treated like a criminal.

He will save us if you believe that he died on the cross to save us and that he has risen from the dead.

Answer from another ChristianJesus is God's One and begotten Son, and no one can get to Heaven except through Him! If you believe that He is the Son of God, that He died on the cross to save you from your sins, and that He rose from the dead on the Third Day, then congratulations! You are a Christian! Read the Bible often, for it is God's instructions for this pretest (life) before Heaven! It is also God's love letter. Please remember, God loves you so much because you were created in His image.

The Son of God.

According to the Bible, Jesus was both the 2nd member of the universal Godhead--devine--and man. He existed from the creation of the Universe throughtout all of eternity, and spoke the universe into existence. The first time we see Jesus in the Bible is when Adam and Eve sinned, when Jesus (called the Lord God) was looking for them. His birth thousands of years later was prophesied in the Old Testamant, in Micah 5:2.

Jesus gave up his spiritual form to come to the earth as a man permanently to die for the sins of men. He was born in Bethlehem to the Virgin Mary around 3-6 BC. He began his earthly ministry around the age of 30 and called 12 men to be his disciples. He performed miracles to demonstartate God's forgiveness and love. He was crucified on a Roman cross outside Jerusalem for our sins, and Rose from the grave to prove who he was: the Son of God that defeated Satan and death.

He will return to the earth for his church (believers) and set up his thrown in Jerusalem, and rule and reign for a thousand years. When that is complete he will judge the entire world and reward his people and condemn the lost to hell.

He is the creator of the universe, the Son of God, the judge of mankind, and our Savior if we accept his sacrifice to avoid condemnation.

Given the fact that in the first testament God's own chosen people are the Jewish people, it would be automaticly wrong of me to say that the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ I am a Spiritual Christian myself but also realise that to live by God's guidelines is to a certain degree is to accept that what is happening in the world is what God is permitting to happen...Even Jesus himself in his early teachings would only help those of his own faith ie Judaism. It was at that point that God commanded that he would help everyone, when the Lybian woman asked him to heal her sick daughter and he made fun of her before his disciples and then laughed at her she inspired him with her or God's wisdom through her words that whoever the Father brings to Jesus he will never ever turn away...

We have to remember that God's own chosen people are the Jewish people that Iam afraid is who the 10 Commandments were originally made for and I myself have to accept that whatever God commands will be so.

Correction of the above:

Jesus stated quite clearly and irrevokably in John 14:6, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No onecomes to the Father except through me." Furthermore we are told at the end of Matthew's Gospel (28:19) of Jesus' great commission: "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." Within and certainly by the time of Paul's missionary journeys, we hear of more Gentiles becoming Christians than Jews. Sadly the Jews had their chance (and, if you believe the Old Testament, chance after chance after chance) - and blew it. Enter God's only Son - to save mankind, not just the Jews. Whilst I respect Jesus had to start somewhere - with his own people - the net soon spread to those outside - even the Samaritan woman and the Roman centurion were converted within Jesus' ministry, let's remember.

Another viewJesus means Joshua in English. Joshua means "YHVH saves, rescues". YHVH [four Hebrew letters: yod, he, vav, he] is the third person singular of the verb "to be" in Hebrew, meaning: HE IS or IT IS [ETERNAL]. Christ comes from the Greek language of the new testament writings, 'kristos' in greek. This person is a historical figure because of the impact of change in history itself. This person is thought to be a rabbinic teacher who probably concieved of himself as 'of the anointed' unto YHVH (LORD) as a great 'king' (messiah) from Hebrew tradition and lineage in order to bring the 'kingdom or reign of YHVH (LORD)' upon the earth. He was therefore crucified on a tree/cross/stake outside Jerusalem, Israel circa 29-33 C.E for interfering with Roman government with the charge of sedition. Although "Jesus Christ" might have been proclaiming a 'spiritual' approach to a messianic ideal, the Roman government, nonetheless were not fond of messiah's, kings, kingdoms, religious fanatics, etc. who mocked the social order and of 'their' peace. Crucifixion is viewed as a capital punishment in ancient Roman time, and it is this punishment that "Jesus Christ" received for his crime. However, his disciples/students did not cease from following his teaching or Halakha (also called Torah in Hebraic culture). The sect that he created is known as 'the Way' or 'Nazerene' (probably from 'nazir', meaning 'consecrated'), and today they are known as Christians. This is probably the best summation of the man named "Jesus Christ" (If he can be called a man??) AnswerJesus was a Rabbinic Galilean Jew who spoke the Aramaic language and lived approximately 2000 years ago and was crucified around 29-33 B.C. He was charged by the roman government, under Pontius Pilate, with sedition and causing rebellion by claiming to be "King of the Jews/Hebrews". Regardless of the "religious/spirituality" of this claim, the roman empire was not fond of kings, messiahs, lords, or deluded phrophets, nor sons of a god. Ceaser himself claimed to be son of god and this would oppose the claims of this Jew. Jesus (actually named Joshua), was trained in the culture and literature of his people the Hebrews/Jews. He taught mostly in parables and was respected by many as a Rabbinical authority, yet his attempt at reforming the faith of his people and their relationship to YHVH (the Israelite Deity) was his main concern and he would eventually die for his teachings and his own version of Halakha. He probably thought of himself as The Messiah or the King that was expected to come in order to inaugerate the Kingdom of YHVH (God). However, he was misinterpreted because his teachings concerned a mystical approach to the concept of Messiah/King. Through his words or parables, an outpouring of a holy spirit would transform others and in turn would make them their own personal or spiritual messiahs/kings in their own lives. He "anointed" others by these words/breath/spirit so that every Israelite would realize their own individual eternal worth and wear a "crown" of righteousness through faith, not by becoming legalistic scholars and the knowledge of the Israelite Law. Thus, the israelite "enters the Kingdom of God", which is best defined as a "state of Being". The "kingdom of God" he proclaimed was not over there or under here or in the future but NOW, because YHVH is the ETERNAL NOW in BEING, and is the origin of all BEING. It is the great power of the universe. His approach was simple; That Faith will justiy you and not your intense learning and wisdom. Everybody is a King and Messiah, yet many are unaware of their uniqueness, beauty, and eternal worth. This was probably misunderstood throughout the early beginnings of Christianity and extremely controversial of the Judaism of its time, and this is the best summary of the man named "Jesus".

Jesus Christ it the central figure of Christianity. He is known as God, Christ, Lord, God, The Promised Saviour and The Messiah. He is shown with dark brown, long hair. He was born in Bethlehem and his parents are: Mary and Joseph. The cause of his death is crucifixion.

He was hated and loved throughout the whole world.

His word, the Bible tells you a lot about his stories and also includes songs and poems. The stories are divided into the Old testament (before Jesus came) and the New testament (when Jesus came). He has said many parables. His exisistence and teachings have led many other Religions to start like Judaism. It is the biggest religion in the world.


Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He came to this world to die for every body's sin (the bad things we do). He rose again on the third day after He died and went back to Heaven. He is going to come again one day soon and take Christians with Him.
In the Christian religion, Jesus Christ is the lord and savior of the world and the central figure of the Christian religion.

Who is Jesus Christ and what was his mission to the world

Jesus Christ is the son of GOD. The second person in the Holy Trinity. GOD in the flesh. He was sent to earth to save his people from their sins. He accomplished this by dying on a cross, and rising again. The perfect lamb of GOD. This is foretold in the old testament scriptures and fulfilled in the new testament. All who put their faith and trust in Jesus and what he has accomplished for them will be saved. By grace you have been saved, through faith in Jesus Christ, not by good works, so no man can boast. By Christ and Him only we are saved.
Jesus Christ was and is the son of God and his mission to the world is to save us from our sins, and so give us eternal life.

Where was Jesus born

Various answers:

  • In a stable in Bethlehem of Judea (Matt. 2:1; Luke 2: 1-7)
  • We do not know where Yeshua was born
  • Helena, the mother of Emperor Constantine, identified the supposed birthplace of Jesus, a cave in Bethlehem. She ordered the construction of a magnificent church, the Church of the Nativity over that spot
What part states what the subject does in a sentence

The verb states what the subject does in a sentence.

What was jesus mission on earth

The mission of Jesus was to come into the world , and to die on the cross for the sins of the whole world.

A written story of a persons life written by another person

It is called a Biography.

To try to influence the votes of legislatures to try to get a bill passed

This is to Lobby or Lobbying

A restatement in ones own words of someone elses written work

This is called paraphrasing.

A 200 word essay on Who is Jesus Christ and what is His mission to the world

jesus christ was the son of god. jesus loved the world so much he died for us so that we can be saved. jesus said iam the way the way,truth,and the life.his mission was to who soever to believe in his name would be saved. he said repent in my name an your sins will be washed away

Who was Jesus Christ and what is his mission to the world

Jesus Christ was and is the son of God and his mission to the world is to save us from our sins, and so give us eternal life.

What was Jesus purpose

Jesus Christ was sent to earth to die for our sins, the sins of humanity. You can see this in the well-quoted verse, John 3:16, and again in Romans 8:3-4. If you want to read these verses for yourself, go to and search the references in their search engine. I highly recommend NIV or NKJV version, but any version says basically the same thing. NIV and NKJV just seem easier to understand.

In whose name do you need to pray Jesus or in the name of Jesus Christ

We can pray in either names Jesus or Jesus christ and he will hear us for sure.

Serves as president of the senate in his absence


A court of justice is called

A court of justice is called a Bureaucracy.

A court of justice basically offers judgement on the cases that is before it.
A formal structure for structure for organizing a composition


Admitting a foreigner to citizenship is called


What are some antonyms for circumnavigate

There are no exact antonyms in the English language for the word Circumnavigate.

Who is Jesus Christ and what was his purpose here on earth

jesus is the son of jehova god and his purpose here on earth is to preach and to spread preach around the world.

Solve 2 3 plus 4 6

2/3 +4/6 =

Who is Jesus Christ mother and when he was born


How do you improve something by making changes

You try again

Who give power or right or authority

to give power right or authority

Two or more objects or ideas observed for their differences

outline or contrast



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