Prefixes Suffixes and Root Words

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What is a descriptive adjective

A descriptive adjective tells something about the appearance or nature of the noun it modifies.

(e.g. orange handle, fresh water, crispcarrots)

Adding the suffix -able to a root word forms which part of speech


Why do you use hyphens

You use hyphens to make compound words that are not recognizable in common usage.

Which member of the conspiracy bowed before Caesar and asked him to pardon his brother who had been banished from Rome by Caesar

Wow It Was Metellus Cimber

Why should you use an ellipsis

To make information more specific for the reader

Adding the suffix -phobia to a root word forms which part of speech

Any phobia is a noun.

Was the wanderer a seaman

No. The Wanderer is a poem. (In my opinion) it's good but depressing...

What the most recent license plate from British Columbia looks like

A British Columbia license plate has a B.C. flag on it.

What are parenthetical expressions

A Parenthetical Expression Is A Sentence Set Off By A Comma After A Subject.

Is he should never have come here a correct sentence
  • No, 'Is he should never have come here' is not a correct sentence and it should be 'He should never have come here.'
Which of these answers best defines climax

the turning point of the story at which the most action occurs

Adding the suffix ine to a root word creates which part of speech


What best defines exposition

sets stage for story and ID the character

Why was the poet Cinna accosted by the crowd after Antony's speech

Because he had the same name as one of the conspirators

What does surveying an essay involve

Surveying an essay involves previewing an essay to predict main points.

What does developing an essay involve

Which of the following is true about concluding paragraph?

When you use a comma to join two independent clauses that can stand alone as sentences you have created an

comma splice

Punctuate this sentence Maybe you can earn some money Tim suggested

"Maybe you can earn some money," Tim suggested.

What change took place among working women in the early 1900s

A large number of women became secretaries or managers.

How to correctly punctuate i was born December 16 1967 in Seattle Washington said sheila

"I was born December 16 1967 in Seattle, Washington," said Sheila.

Yes they were at the theatre replied Jane They sat in the twenty-ninth row

correct p Yes they were at the theater replied Jane They sat in the twenty-ninth row?

What can be concluded from the information in this reading passagethis passage is from Moby Dick by Herman Melville

Very few trees grow

What type of conflict can be seen in this reading selection a tale if two cities

individual vs individual

Correct punctuation for What shall we do Fred asked Tim

"What shall we do, Fred ? " asked Tim. ( If Tim is talking to Fred.)
"What shall we do? " Fred asked Tim. (If Fred is talking to Tim.)

How do you correct the punctuation in the sentence 'Maria shouted great job everyone'

You would write:

  • Maria shouted, "Great job, everyone!"

You must use the quotation marks to show that it is someone talking. The commas signify a pause in speech, and the exclamation point is because she is shouting.

How do you punctuated do you go to school shaina correctly

Do you go to school, Shaina?

Choose the best meaning for this suffix. -phobia

The meaning is "fear of".

Look at the space indicated in the sentences below. Where would it be appropriate to put a semicolon (;)

She was prevented from fleeing down the fire escape; the window at the top of the stairs was bolted shut.

In which of the-following situations would it be appropriate to use a semicolon

To replace conjunctions and, or, but and to connect the main clauses in a compound sentence

Which of the sentences would not fit with the other in a paragraph

When a climber falls, it can take hours for the rescue party to locate him or her.

what the best meaning for this suffix ery

practice of A+

Which of these sentences is correctly punctuated

Helen answered, "My favorite short story is Saki's 'The Necklace.'"

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