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Panda bear environment

what is a pandas habitat

What do pandas eat

Pandas primarily eat bamboo, bamboo shoots and leaves, but they supplement this with some fruit, berries and small roots.

Giant pandas, actually, eat 25 different types of bamboo.
Pandas eat 99% of bamboo. They Do Not Eat 99% Bamboo. They eat 60% because They eat plants, trees, and bark

The average panda eats between 20 and 30 pounds of bamboo shoots every day day. Pandas are actually classified as carnivores even though they don't eat meat, because they have the genetic and metabolic characteristics of carnivores. They could eat meat if they wanted to, and they would have a more nutritious diet if they did.
Bamboo and the leaves usually, but since of the lack of nutrition, it doesnt move much.
The Panda eats a diet of vegetation. This animal prefers bamboo and bamboo shoots. It will also eat leaves and plant stems.
panda eats the bark from bamboo but they cannot digest it well so they excreated a lot.because of this they spend most of their time in eating.
all pandas eat bamboo and leaves
They eat bamboo and leaves
answser:......Leaves,stems and the same old answer bamboo!
Giant Pandas eat bamboo shoots.
they eat bamboo.
Pandas look cute but they are viscous animals when they want to. But when it comes to what they eat it is a puzzle. Pandas eat as you might know: bamboo. But their digestive system is made for them to be carnivore's. You may think why do they eat bamboo then? The answer to that is because there is little meat in the bamboo corridors (areas of bamboo) so they adapted to eating bamboo. Since bamboo has so little amount of nutrition the Panda has to spend over 15 hours a day eating bamboo! When they do find meat they still will eat it. Lots of people say that Pandas favourite food is bamboo. Not necessarily.
a lots of bamboo everyday

bamboo is their primary food.
They usually eat bamboo trees.
Pandas eat bamboo.

what color are pandasΒ 

pandas are black and white

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