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What is cultural globalization

cultural globalization is something to do with globalization

What is the stream of consciousness style of writing

I would explain stream of consciousness style as an intuitive writing style not dependent on an outline which progresses from one concept to another in a natural, logical way.

What is stream-of-consciousness writing meant to be like

Stream-of-consciousness writing is a style of writing in which the narrator's thought process is written verbatim. Stream of consciousness writing is meant to possibly lack in punctuation.

What is a sentence for routinely

The beach is routinely patrolled.

We are routinely checking on the patient.

What inspires you to write children's stories

People who write do it because they enjoy it. People who write children's stories like doing it, and they like entertaining children.

What is difference between gps and a gps

Nothing. A gps is the same as a gps.

How many elderly die each year worldwide

There are no compiled listings for the entire world. Death rates from age will vary from country to country, as will life spans.

The line between one country's issues and global issues Ais very clear Bhas been blurred Cis not important Dhas been drawn

has been blurred - apex.

What An example of social steganography would be

including a hidden message for certain people in a post.

What do people realize about global issues because of the Internet

That one country's issues can affect another country

What is digital scavenger hunting

a scavenger hunt where players use gps and digital cameras

A barter economy is

an economic system based on exchanging goods instead of money.

Navigating using GPS is when someone

looks for a route from one place to another

What is one way you can report events using the internet

By writing blog entries

An example of a community on the internet geared toward fun is

playing video games with other players around the world

The internet:

enables us to join global online communities.

One drawback of GPS technology is that it

may infringe on peoples privacy

The ease of uploading and providing information on the internet has led to

the oversharing of information.

Some communities routinely use GPS to

keep an eye on convicted criminals.

What can interviewers do to ensure an interview is not boring

Listen carefully and encourage further responses

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