The War of the Worlds

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What was the middle pasage

what is a middle passage

How does the authors style contribute to the tone of the passage

The authors style gives a different perspective on the tone of the passage.

Who first discovers the alien cylinder that fell to Earth

The astronomer, Oglivy

What happens when the Martian cylinder opens

The townspeople run when they see a large bulging creature with tentacles

How do the townspeople first react to the appearance of the mars cylinder the War of the Worlds

They are curios about the object and what it is

Where in the story's sequence of events is the narrator of the War of the Worlds as he begins to tell the story

the end -Apex

Which event near the end of the 19th century caused great anxiety in England

The German defeat of France

How does Wells's narrator add a sense of credibility to The War of the Worlds

by using scientific language that shows he knows what he is talking about

What theme does the novel the war of the worlds share with the radio broadcast

Humans are too vain, which can lead to trouble.

What makes the tone of the passage formal and scientific

The narrator quotes facts about Mars and sounds well educated.

Why does wiesel mention the St. Louis in thus passage

To show how the United States failed to act on behalf of the Jews during WWII.


To show that the United States was indifferent to human suffering

What does Wiesel vow never to do in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech

Be silent -apex.

How does Wiesel establish logos in The Perils of Indifference

By giving specific examples of human tragedies caused by indifference

In The War of the Worlds why does Wells choose to have Martians instead of a more realistic enemy attack England

(Apex) To emphasize what could happen if an enemy caught England with its guard down.

What type of novel plays on the readers fear of attack while also instructing the reader on the technical details of urban warfare

the invasion novel

In The War of the Worlds Martian attack represents the fear that invaders will

Use unknown weapons and technology APEX

What lesson does Orson Welles want listeners to learn from his radio broadcast War of the Worlds

The media are a powerful tool but they are not always truthful.

Why does Wells call the Martian spacecraft the Thing

(Apex) Because he doesn't fully understand what it is yet.

Which source would be considered the most trustworthy

a mayor network radio show

How does the opening paragraph of The War of the Worlds create suspense

by giving hints about events in the story that have already happend

which story synopsis is the best example of invasion literature

(Apex Learning) An alien race comes to Earth offering friendship but secretly plans to enslave humans and use them for food.

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