Taper lock bushing from EVER-POWER GROUP CO., LTD.

Taper Lock Bushings Features A Taper Lock Bushing has a taper of eight degrees, which reduces the length-through-bore. It also features an internal screw to hold the bushing in place. Tapered bushings can also fit into shafts with different bore diameters. Before installation, make sure to clean the bushings thoroughly to ensure they seat correctly. A Taper Lock Bushing is used in power transmission drives. They feature a precision-cast iron body with an etched taper for easy identification. High tensile screws are used to fasten the taper part to the hub, which ensures a secure connection and high torque. A taper lock bushing is a crucial part of a sprocket’s installation since it ensures that the sprocket is aligned properly.

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Taper Lock Bushing

A Taper Lock Bushing is a mechanical joint used to connect a shaft to another part. They are made of steel and feature a tapered surface to lock onto the shaft. They also feature a thread and key-way for additional security. Taper lock bushings are available in different sizes and can be interchanged with a variety of other bushings from other manufacturers.

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